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During a psilocybin trip, emotions often occur, including euphoria and a feeling of total immersion in your environment. These are often accompanied by visual changes; the boundaries between shapes can blur, the air can assume a substantial, hazy quality. Try to close your eyes. The darker your environment is, the more mushrooms you can make […]
What is a magic mushroom? Over 200 types of “magic” mushrooms grow on our planet. The term “magic” here means that when these amazing fungi (also known as psilocybin mushrooms or “shrooms”) are eaten or brewed in the proper amount of tea, they can temporarily bring about pronounced changes to your perception, vision and physical sensations.  […]
You’ll be surprised to learn the medical benefits of cannabis that you probably didn’t know! The benefits of cannabis come from some of the compounds called cannabinoids, such as cannabidiol (CBD). CBD is one of the most studied cannabinoids in marijuana. CBD is also found in another related plant called hemp. A major difference between CBD […]
Before buying weeds online, check this guide to find out how to do it safely and successfully. The best way to get weed safely and quickly at a social distance is to use an online weed shop with home delivery service. Today, the safe delivery of weed at home is more important than ever. For […]
It is quite easy to buy weed online, considering there are suppliers available for the same. Along with the fact that there are numerous suppliers, there are several varieties available, along with low prices that make buying weed online easy and hassle-free. In fact, it also caters to the convenience needs posed by the user. […]
Even when you know where to order weed online from, there is a lot of apprehension involved. For one, most people don’t feel confident about ordering weed online. They don’t feel comfortable or feel assured about the guarantees offered by the online suppliers. Here, we will try and burst four myths surrounding the weed purchase […]