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Benefits of CBD

Previously the subject of taboo, cannabis entered our society through the back door. In recent years, CBD or cannabidiol has become the most popular cannabinoid behind THC. You can find it in a variety of forms, including CBD flowers, CBD cosmetics, capsules, and even CBD oil.   On the one hand, CBD is always uncertain […]

Cannabis and Sex

From lubricants to portable vaporizers to massage oils, there is no shortage of cannabis products specially made for sex on the market. According to scientists, cannabis has the power to enhance sexual pleasure and improve sexual life. Study On Cannabis Use Before Sex The 2018 Stanford University study has been a hot topic recently. Scientists […]

How can CBD help you lose weight_

Cannabis has been widely talked about for years because of its entertaining and medical benefits.   Through many recent studies, we have been able to observe how the two major cannabinoids that make up this plant, THC and CBD, act on our body and provide our well-being. When you feel them, the effects of CBD […]

4 Health Benefits of Magic Mushrooms

Here’s everything you need to know about magic mushrooms from a psychotropic, legislative and health perspective!   Magic mushrooms can be divided into three groups:   Mushrooms with psychotonic action: sensory changes Psycholeptic action: A state of relaxation that promotes sleep Psychedelic Effective: These are the well-known hallucinogen mushrooms Psychotropic substances: psilocybin, psilocin, baeocystin, norbaeocystin. […]

Best Weed Shatter Vape Pens Reviews 2021

Shatter is the concentrated forms of cannabis distilled from dried herbs. Shatter looks like translucent glass. What is a Weed Shatter Vape Pens? A Weed Shatter Vape Pen is a pen-style vaporizer.  Shatter Vape Pen usually consists of a battery attached to the laundry sprayer. Stronger blows use a heating coil, while others use a […]

Beginner Weed Users

Feeling the psychoactive effects of weed for the first time can sometimes be an incredible experience that can really really change some people. For novice smokers, it is important to implement certain aspects in order to have a truly enjoyable and memorable moment. This checklist provides beginners with some important points to consider before inhaling […]

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