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CBD Tinctures

CBD Full Spectrum Tincture 500mg – 30ml Price: $49.99 Buy Now Brand: Happy Leaf Medibles Strength: 500mg CBD Tincture / 500mg Per 1ml dropper Amount: 30ml per bottle Recommended dose: 1/2 a dropper to 1 full dropper, taken 1-2 times per day, preferably with food. Used for: Pain | Inflammation | Anxiety | Depression | Stress | […]

Edible Gummies

Baked Nards Peach 500mg Price: $31.50 Buy Now Strength: 600mg THC Quantity:  20 pieces in each pack (30mg per piece) Ingredients Cannabis Oil, Full spectrum THC, Sugar, Citric Acid, Tararic Acid, Natural Fruit Flavours Happy Leaf Medibles – THC Gummy Bears – 200mg Price: $25.00 – $30.00 Buy Now Brand: Happy Leaf Medibles Dose: 20mg per gummie […]

Best Indica Strains in Canada.

This article will help you find the perfect Indica strain for your needs. Remember that if you are not satisfied with the potency or effects of one particular strain, it is always possible to try another until you find what works best for your body chemistry. Keep in mind that there is no such thing […]

Best Sativa Strains

If you’re looking for the best Sativa strains to buy in Canada, this list should help. Whether you want a strain that provides an energetic boost or helps with creative tasks at work, we have something on our list that will suit your needs. The 9 strains we have listed here will give you just what […]

Best Hybrid Strains

11 Best Hybrid Strains We know that you are looking for the best hybrid strains to buy online in Canada, and we have provided 11 of our favorites. Whether you’re a beginner smoker or an experienced connoisseur who is always on the lookout for something new, these strains should be perfect. If you want more […]

Microdosing Mushrooms Canada

Microdosing Mushrooms is the most recent trend in consuming magic mushrooms. A microdose is a small dose of psychedelics that has little to no hallucinogenic effects. It mainly works as an enhancer for creativity, productivity, focus, and mood.  It is becoming more popular because it is less intense and cheaper than a full-blown trip. But […]

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