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Find the best vaporizer in Canada in 2020 Weed vaporizers come in many different forms, but they have common goals. To turn dried herbs, wax, or THC oil into a delicious steam cloud. Weed Vaping are gentler to the throat than smoking and are less odorous because they are vapor rather than smoke. Desktop vaporizers […]
Inhalation of smoke has its own dangers. This has led many to claim that the vape pen is a safer way than directly consuming cannabis. Because some of the known dangers of marijuana smoking (such as smoke inhalation) are practically eliminated by switching to vape pens.  Nowadays many people are using cannabis for either medical […]
Vaping Cannabis has Become a Stylist Phenomenon Vaping has become a stylist phenomenon among many young adults across the Canada. You can use different brands and quality of vaping pen. Everything depends on your choice and style. Nowadays many people are using cannabis for either medical or recreational reasons. Consumption of marijuana or cannabis directly […]
Herbal vaporizers have become increasingly popular due to the legal movement related to the medical marijuana industry. Herbal vaporizers work by heating the material to the point where the active ingredients are released without burning the material. When plant material is burned, something called burn occurs and smoke is produced. Many people are now becoming […]
Buy the best vape pens in Canada: Complete buying tips Once you have decided to go vaping, one of your first tasks is to choose a vape setup that fits your lifestyle, personality and preferences. One of the most popular types of vape devices is the vape pen, a handy, user-friendly and often stylish option […]
Former Juul executive alleges company shipped tainted nicotine cartridges   A Juul Labs executive who was fired earlier this year is alleging that the vaping company knowingly shipped one million tainted nicotine pods to customers. The allegation comes in a lawsuit filed Tuesday by lawyers representing Siddharth Breja, a one-time finance executive at the e-cigarette […]