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Bcweedpen.co website Policies



At bcweedpen.co we take your privacy very seriously, that is why we store all membership information offline, so you can rest assured that your information is safe, we do not resell or provide your information to any third party provider.



By signing up with bcweedpen.co, and purchasing off our website, you promise not to resell and or gift any products you purchase off our website. And to use our products for your personal use only.

Dishonoring this promise will not only void your warranty on any products you purchased, but you will be banned from our website.





 If you spend $185.00 or more, you are eligible to receive FREE Xpresspost shipping to anywhere in Canada! Enjoy the convenience of getting your weed vape pens delivered right to your door, discreetly and at no cost to you.

 Free Xpresspost shipping cannot be combined with any other promotion or offer that we provide, only sales items offered on our website may be combined with our Free Xpresspost shipping discount.

 Once payment is accepted an order will begin its processing. It will take 1-3 business days of accepting the payment for the order to be shipped. Orders are only shipped Monday to Friday, orders are not shipped on Weekends or Civic holidays.

 You will be emailed your Canada Post tracking ID after your order is shipped. Depending on where you live in Canada, it may effect how soon you receive your order.



Xpresspost shipping:

Regional = 1-3 business days in transit 

National = 3-5 business days in transit


            *Regional Regions: British Columbia, Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba

           *National Regions: Ontario, Newfoundland and Labrador, Prince Edward Island, Nova Scotia and New Brunswick, Québec, Nunavut, Northwest Territories,Yukon



At bcweedpen.co we go to great extents to make sure you get what you ordered, if you receive your order and find an error, i.e sent the wrong pen/cart, or any one of our products, then you have up to 7 days from receiving your order to report such issue.

If there is an error with your order, and you receive the wrong product, you will be entitled to a credit of up to $20 to use towards your next order, if you prefer the pen/cart you ordered, we will provide you with a $5 credit to mail us back the pen/cart you received in error, the returned product must not be damaged or used, if after we inspect the pen/cart and deem it returnable, you will not be eligible for a replacement and the pen/cart will be returned back to you.


Rush Shipping Guarantee* (Temporarily disabled)

Rush shipping is an exclusive option that we provide. When you select Rush Shipping your order is processed the same day of payment and shipped out that day, if payment is sent before 12:00 PM PST. If payment is sent after the 12:00PM deadline your order will go out the next business day. If your Prime tracking I.D. is not received within 48 hours of shipment then you are eligible for a $20 credit.




Guaranteed Vapes

That’s Right! Our bc weed pen vaporizer pens are guaranteed for quality and function. You can feel confident ordering from us thanks to our easy return policy, if for whatever reason your Vaporizer is not performing the way it is supposed to, we replace it! All you need to do is follow our replacement guidelines below!*


Guaranteed Order Delivery

 We guarantee that your order will arrive to your door successfully! If your order gets lost in the mail, and or shows delivered and you still don’t have it. We will provide you with instructions on how to get Canada Post to send a cheque for the amount of your order. If Canada Post deems it lost, the investigation and distribution of the cheque can take up to 2-3 weeks. * We do not send the cheque to you, the cheque is sent from Canada Post.

 We however do not guarantee delivery times as Canada Post may be delayed, as it depends on where you are in Canada, shipping delivery times may be effected.*

 If you make a mistake on your address, or if a package is for whatever reason rejected at delivery, then you will have to pay a $59.00 restocking/shipping fee, as soon as we receive the payment, we will start processing your order again.

If your order is seized and sent to Canada Posts destruction center due to a “cannabis smell”, we will send out a the order again at no cost to you! We don’t recommend sending the order to the same address as the seized order.


Return To Sender

 If we receive your order from Canada Post, we will contact you to inform you we have received a returned package. You are required to pay a $59.00 restocking fee, in order for us to mail out your package again. If after 14 days from when we informed you, you do not respond, your order will no longer be retrievable.


Broken During Shipping

 If you receive your order and find that any items are broken, and not functioning, we will replace it. All damaged products must be reported within 12 hours within shown delivery via Canada Post tracking, if you report it after that timeline, then you will not receive a replacement. If reported within 48 hours, you may be eligible for a free shipping credit.




Although battery failure in our rechargeable disposable vape pens is not a common occurrence, we know that battery issues can happen, so if your vape pen battery fails within 7 days of receiving the pen,  your vaporizer could be eligible for a credit, as long as it follows our replacement criteria. However just because the battery itself is faulty, doesn’t mean you still can’t enjoy the THC Distillate inside, all you need to do is extract it out of the pen! And add it in whatever you would like, like a soup.

For your defective vape pen to be eligible for a credit, we require you to send us a video of vaporizer being defective and the video must be in 1080HD. We will not accept low quality videos. The Video must clearly show the remaining solution in the pen and it being defective in the same video. If your video is not suffice we will inform you.


To be eligible for a credit, the vaporizer must.

  • Be reported within the first 7 days of receiving your order.
  • Battery failure in the vaporizer has to be present in video.
  • The vaporizer must not have any scratches or dents on it indicating damage. 
  • Must not have any water damage.
  • Not be tampered with in any way, i.e any part of the battery removed from the battery itself
  • Have 75% or more solution in the pen.

  If the vape pen fails within 14 days of receiving it, and 60% or more of the solution left in the pen, you could also be eligible for a a small credit towards a new vape pen.


If we deem your vape pen defective, and it falls within our warranty period of 7 days, we will provide you with a store credit of $24.00. If it fails within 14 days and 60% or more solution remains, then you will receive a $10.00 credit. Which the credit you receive must be used towards another disposable rechargeable vape pen.

If you report the defect after 14 days we will not provide you any form of credit.



After we deem your vaporizer defective, we will generate your credit in form of a checkout coupon code, the coupon can not be transferred, or sold. The coupon code will be valid to your ordering email.

All bcweedpen.co credits are in the form of a checkout coupon code.



For our rechargeable batteries to be eligible for replacement, you must report battery failure within 7 days of receiving your order, we provide a 30 day warranty on our rechargeable batteries. If it is deemed defective, we will provide you with a credit to use on your next order. You are required to create a 1080P video, which must showcase both charger and battery charged in a sufficient charge port, i.e wall or laptop. Without video evidence you will not receive any form of credit. The credit you will receive is $14.99, which can only be used on a battery, not on our battery and cart combos.

To be eligible for replacement, the recharge vaporizer must.

  • Be reported within 7 days of receiving your order
  • The battery & USB charger unit MUST not have any scratches or dents on it indicating damage
  • Must not have any water damage
  • Battery and USB charger must be returned together

* If after the inspection we deem the vaporizer not defective, we will mail it back to you and not refund you the cost of shipping.

*Damaged/Broken vape carts must be reported within 24 hours of receiving the order, and must have the flavor label attached to it for you to receive a full vape cart credit.


All our vaporizer pens and carts are tested for quality, and are prefilled with 80-90% potency! Our THC Distillate, CBD and Weed Shatter is manufactured in a professional facility in B.C. Canada.


* Holiday seasons may effect delivery times, we are not responsible for shipping delays during Canada posts busy seasons. Although Xpresspost is still a faster option, you must give Canada Post extra time to deliver your order, thank you for your patience.

*All our orders come with a Canada Post tracking I.D. If your order becomes lost in transit shown via your Canada Post Tracking I.D, then we will send your order out again at no cost to you! However if it is shown “Delivered” then we are not responsible for the package and you will need to open a ticket with Canada Post to retrieve your order

* You can only redeem your points towards your BCWEEDPEN purchase, you cannot trade, exchange or sell your points to a third party. If you violate any of those terms then your points and account will be terminated immediately.




We now offer our own reward points on every BC Weed Pen purchase, all you need to do is create an account and every time you order, you will accumulate points, which never expire and you can redeem whenever you would like. Receive points on every pen you order! Start earning the points today.



How it works

Once you place your order, you will be redirected to our payment instruction page to complete your bcweedpen order. We will also email you the e-Transfer payment instructions. If your financial institution supports Interac e-Transfer autodeposit then all you need to do is use our payment email that we provide in the payment instructions page and place your Order number in the notes. As soon as we accept your Interac e-Transfer,  we will email you informing you of your payment being accepted and that your order has begun its processing for shipping.

Refunding the money

If you send us a payment by accident, or send us an amount over what your order costs, you will receive the amount sent or the difference in a form of a bcweedpen.co website credit, we are not able to send the funds back to you via e-transfer or any other method, so make sure you send the correct amount. The website credit will be made out to the email that the e-transfer was sent from, this credit can be transferred at the request of the owner.


In order to receive the $25 coupon code, you must use the link in your account, and send that referral link to your friends, and they must complete a purchase on our website for you to be eligible to receive the $25 coupon code. We do not provide credits if your friends do not use your referral link.

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