WZ Betty White AA 1oz


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Bettie White doesn’t take long to show herself, exerting action of the user’s head with some increased blood pressure. Once the quickened pulse in users’ temples subsides, they may notice that their patterns of thought have become more intense, characterized by a new sort of intensity or single-minded focus. This cerebral mindset makes Bettie White a great way to work on complicated, analytical tasks. If you’re not in a set and setting where productivity is necessary, though, simply enjoy this mental stimulation by daydreaming or ruminating on some of life’s deep mysteries. Bettie White can also cause some distortions in sensory perception, with some smokers describing visual or auditory irregularities. A flattening of depth perception and an ineffable feeling of time dilation are sometimes reported as well. If you’re in the mood for them, these psychedelic side effects can be enhanced with stimuli like a moody playlist. After some time, this strain’s physical relaxation creeps in and begins to undo its earlier sense of focus.

Indica dominated hybrid 70/30

23-25% THC


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