Learn About the Varieties of Cannabis

Learn About the Varieties of Cannabis

What are the types of cannabis?

Today, there are hundreds of types of cannabis. However, there were some iconic stocks originally released in dozens of versions. When I bought CBD (cannabidiol), I definitely noticed that it was very diverse in terms of odor and effect. These hybrid strains are usually derived from the haze, skunk, kush, or diesel genetic lineage. Originally, these cult strains were rich in THC (tetrahydrocannabinol). It then had psychotropic drugs and harmful health effects. Now you have the opportunity to experience these legendary strains in 100% CBD version, without any trace of THC. Want to enjoy the benefits of therapeutic cannabis with mythical cannabis strains? Discover the main features of the famous haze, skunk, kush and diesel.

Cannabis Hayes Strain

The first haze cannabis strain first appeared in the 1960s. Haze was created by chance and was first bred in California by two brothers. They mixed the seeds randomly, but the results were immediately convincing! Their creations are so powerful that they put consumers in a psychotropic haze, hence the name haze, which means fog in English. Dominance Sativa Haze stimulates the brain and causes a feeling of euphoria.

In terms of flavor, the original haze provides a rustic, subtly spicy aroma like lemon. Characteristic yet sweet and very pleasant to the touch, it has attracted cannabis consumers from generation to generation. There are many hazes today: Amnesia Haze, Lemon Haze, Purple Haze, Golden Haze. Besides, they are all available in the CBD version.


Cannabis Skunk Strain

In English, skunk means skunk, a small black-and-white animal that stinks. The yield of skunk is certainly very generous, producing a very intense, pungent and rustic aroma. The first scank is the result of a genetic cross between Acapulco Gold, Columbia Gold and Afghani. Created by David Watson in California in the 1970s, Skunk is acclaimed for its intoxicating taste and powerful effects.

Thanks to her Sativa heritage, Skunk works primarily at the spiritual level. At first, remove stress and anxiety. As a second step, it stimulates the brain and creates a climate of joy and good mood for several hours. Since the 1980s, Skunk has been used very often in the creation of new hybrid strains.


Cannabis Kush Strain

The original Kush is named after its place of origin, Hindu Kush, a mountain range on the border between Afghanistan and Pakistan. Known for its ability to adapt to harsh climatic conditions, Kush is a weed that can withstand all tests. Hemp growers love Cush strains because, unlike some very demanding strains, they are easy to grow and can survive in any environment.

Considered a solid foundation, Kush has been used many times to create new hybrid strains such as Strawberry Kush, Og Kush, Blackberry Kush and Cookie Kush. Improves sleep quality.


Cannabis Diesel Strain

Recently, diesel strains are said to be the result of a mixture of OG Kush and other Afghan, Pakistani and Mexican varieties. Its origin remains unknown, but diesel strains soon became one of the favorites in the hemp world. In terms of taste, it provides a tart and earthy flavor similar to a mixture of hemp and fuel. This combination may seem strange to you, but it’s what makes the diesel family so attractive, original and internationally successful.

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