Vaping Weed in Canada: 7 Facts You Need to Know

vaping weed in canada

Vaping weed in Canada is becoming more and more popular among people who are interested in consuming cannabis in an easy and cautious way that is healthier than traditional smoking methods. Both flowers and concentrates can be vaporized with a variety of devices.

 The main advantage of vaping weed is that it is a healthier way than smoking flowers because the steam does not release the tar and carcinogens produced during burning (the process of burning flowers). Instead, evaporation involves a slightly more complex process that creates a liquid-to-vapor phase transition.

In addition, the portable vaporizer allows for easy and unobtrusive use, as cannabis vapor produces less powerful aromas. Learning to vape weed is generally easier than learning to smoke. The portable vaporizer is easy to use and fits in your pocket. Like flowers and concentrates, the onset time is fast.

1. What is Vaporizer?

The process of vaping weed involves heating cannabis flowers or concentrates to temperatures that convert the active ingredients (cannabinoids and terpenes) into steam. Vaporization occurs at temperatures where flour does not burn and releases harmful tar and carcinogens, making it a healthier way to smoke.

Most vaporizers are designed to heat cannabis products just below the burning point, which ranges from 180 to 190 degrees Celsius (356 to 374 degrees Fahrenheit). Compared to smoking, vaping increases the amount of activated cannabis by-products, potentially improving the health benefits of medical marijuana patients.

Further research is needed on the long-term health effects of cannabis vaping, but there are studies that support the potential health benefits of this method of consumption. For example, a 2007 study found self-reported respiratory symptoms in participants who used tobacco and cannabis. Researchers have found that while vaping increases cannabis consumption, it also reduces the respiratory symptoms of normal cannabis users who smoke. They concluded that the evaporation temperature was “cool enough to avoid the smoke and toxins associated with burning.”

There are many ways people can vape weed. The three main types are desktop vaporizers, portable vaporizers, and vape pens.

2. What Is a Desktop Vaporizer?

A desktop vaporizer is a fixed temperature controller that requires a hard surface on it. There are many different types of tabletop vaporizers, but all have four main functions.

  • Temperature knob to adjust temperature
  • Healing elements that warm and concentrate the flower
  • Heating room for adding and concentrating flower
  • Mouthpiece accessories

Some desktop vaporizers use a bag to collect steam and remove it for inhalation, while others use a long tube attached to the heating chamber to vaporize the steam from the heating chamber. So, it allows the vapor to move directly from the heating chamber to the person using the vaporizer. Most tabletop vaporizers of this style are used to vaporize cannabis flowers. Once you know how to vaporize weeds with one tabletop vaporizer, you may be able to use other vaporizers.

3. What is Portable Vaporizer?

A portable vaporizer is a small, unobtrusive vaporizer that functions much like a desktop vaporizer. The portable vaporizer contains a chamber, heating element, and battery to hold cannabis flowers or concentrates. Most portable vaporizers include a variable temperature controller that can be operated with the click of a button or a small dial. This activates the battery, heats the element, vaporizes the flower or concentrates in the chamber and sends it to the mouthpiece for inhalation.

Portable vaporizers can be used to consume various forms of concentrate, such as budders, badders, shatter, and in some cases flowers. Before you buy a portable vaporizer, consider how to consume cannabis and find the right one for your vaping weed. It is important to distinguish between portable dry herb vaporizers, wax vaporizers and hybrids. While dry herbal vapors and wax vapors are designed to work with certain types of cannabis products, hybrid vaporizers offer consumers the best for both flowers and concentrate.


4. What is the Vape Pen?

A vape pen is a type of vaporizer specially designed to vaporize cannabis distillates and oils. These are called pens because the compact design of the vacuum system is very similar to the design of traditional pens. The vape pen consists of two parts, a battery and a cartridge.

Vape batteries come in a variety of styles, including button or buttonless, cylindrical or rectangular, large and small. There are shapes and styles that suit many personal tastes. One of the most popular cannabis pen batteries is the 510 thread. It is compatible with many pre-filled vape cartridges on the market for medical and adult concentrates.

The vape pen cartridge contains nozzles, chambers, and heating elements that operate upon contact with the steam battery. The chamber of the vape cartridge is filled with a concentrated oil or distillate of cannabinoids and terpenes.

There are several considerations when buying a vape pen in Canada that meets your consumer needs. For example, battery capacity and type determine factors such as device warm-up time and overall life.

5. What is a dub pen?

Dab pen is used for consuming dabs, which can be defined as an unspecified amount of concentrate. Most dub pens, also known as wax pens, basically consist of the same components as a vape pen: a battery and a heating element. With a dub pen, the concentrate is placed in the heating chamber instead of being loaded into the vape cartridge in a liquid state. With this type of pen, users are not limited to cartridges and can consume various forms of concentrate, such as waxes, budders, badders, and shatters.


6. How much does a vape pen expense?

The answer depends on the quality and accessories of the vape pen. There are many options available in the medical cannabis and adult markets. For example, you can find a Vape Pen that combines a battery with a variety of tools and device chargers, a disposable Vape Pen that often comes with a pre-filled Vape Cartridge, and a cheap replacement battery sold separately.

For disposable vape pens pre-loaded with hemp oil cartridges, the market varies from state to state and the price varies from where to sell. On BCWEEDPEN, you can browse a huge selection of verified vape pen products from well-known brands.

7. Buy the popular vape pens 2020 in Canada

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