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Select The Right Vape Pens for You in Canada

best vape pens canada

How to Select The Right Vape Pens for You in Canada

The cannabis culture has changed due to the spread of legalization and technology, vaporization and vaporizers have also changed.

Judging by the immense popularity of filled cartridges, the most commonly used vaporizer is the vape pen. A simple combination consisting of a battery and a cannabis oil cartridge, vape pens and cartridges have conquered the market for cannabis concentrate.

And while vape pens are very useful for the modern cannabis user and offer a portable and discreet way to consume, it may not be your favourite method of consumption. Here are other types of vaporizer products that you can consider in the ever-changing world of vaping.

A quick analysis of Vaporizers

Although Vaporizers are available in all different shapes, sizes and price points, most devices can be consolidated according to methodology and style. Here is an overview of the types:

Vape Pens:

Vape pens, also known as ‘hash oil’ pens, is a kind of vaporizer that has become incredibly popular in the busy adult cannabis market. 

A standard vape pen consists of a pen-shaped battery and cartridge containing cannabis distillates or oils and an atomizer, the heating element that is activated when contact is made with the vape pen battery.

Cannabis oil or distillate is in the cartridge chamber. When the cannabis distillate process takes place, all taste and aroma are removed from the oil. It can be left in this crude form, mixed with terpenes for extra taste, or mixed with a type of glycol cutting agents, such as vegetable glycerin (VG) or propylene glycol (PG), to give the vapor extra mouthfeel.

Stationary Vaporizers:

Stationary Vaporizers are ideal for use at home, intended to sit on top of a flat surface during use. Although there are many variants of the tabletop on the market, most options include a temperature button, heating element, flower and / or concentrate chamber and a nozzle attachment.

Portable Vaporizers:

Portable vaporizers that sweet spot of convenience, portability, compatibility with your own cannabis flower or concentrate. Most portable vaporizers work the same way as stationary devices, but are smaller and, of course, easier to transport.

Standard portable vaporizers consist of a room for the concentrate, heating element and a battery. Most devices have temperature control in the form of a knob. This is used to activate the battery, heat the room and evaporate or concentrate the flower. From there, the vapors are sent to the consumer through a mouthpiece. It does not always have to be a decision between flour or concentrate vapor. There are also hybrid devices that can be adapted to be compatible with both.

Portable vaporizers are usually used to consume cannabis concentrates in its many forms such as WAX, badder, budder, and shatter. 

E-nail vaporizers: 

Most traditional stationary vaporizers are designed for use with flowers, but electric nail (e-nail) dab rigs, specially designed to work with cannabis concentrates, can also be considered as table vaporizers. Instead of using a flash flame to manually heat up a swab for concentrate consumption, e-nails are electronically heated, giving users complete control over the temperature and size of the swabs.

These vaporizers are usually equipped with powerful batteries and use, just like traditional dab rigs, nails made of ceramic, quartz or titanium. Still newcomers to the vape market, e-nail vaporizers have become a great alternative for cannabis concentrate consumers.

Which type of vaporizer is the best for you?

The best type of vaporizer is completely dependent on the cannabis experience you are looking for. Perhaps the convenience and discretion of a vape pen is the most attractive aspect for you. However, if you want to change your vape game with an e-nail rig or table vaporizer, there are a few things that you should take into account before you make the switch.



Portability of vape pens is certainly an important selling point, but users lack the ability to use their own cannabis concentrate or flour, depending on one of the many cannabis oil cartridge producers to deliver a reliable product.

Reputation of Brand

Although there are certainly renowned brands on both the medical and adult market, there is something to be said about knowing exactly what is in vapors that you breathe. Unfortunately, if you live in a state without a robust adult-use market, it’s hard to know what’s in your pre-filled vape cartridge – let alone whether it is a counterfeit.

In this case, a portable or stationary device compatible with cannabis concentrate or flour may be the desired vaporizer mode.


Product compatibility

To select the best vaporizer for you, it is important to consider what type of cannabis product you want to consume. This limits your search to only devices that are designed to meet your desired vape experience.



Another aspect to keep in mind is how much money you want to spend on your vaporizer​. Vape pen batteries are usually located at the cheaper end of the price spectrum, but often have a shorter lifespan, while most consumers are also limited to pre-filled cartridges. Although it is possible to fill stock cartridges with a homemade concentrate mixture, it requires a certain amount of know-how and can become a bit messy.

Stationary, portable and e-nail rigs usually cost more, but give the user more control over what is consumed, how it is consumed and, more importantly, how much they choose to spend on cannabis products.

Buy Best Vape Pens in Canada:

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Best THC Vape Pens in Canada


Best THC Vape Pens of Canada

 THC vape pens are very popular methods for marijuana enthusiasts for vaping.

It is compact and easy to use, these portable units are the perfect delivery device for the emerging medium or THC oil. The two new developments coincide. With the introduction of THC oil cartridges and other cannabis extracts that users cannot smoke, the old ways would not work. THC vape makers have responded to demand with lightweight vape pens with adjustable heat settings and high-quality building and heating materials such as glass, ceramics and quartz.

THC vape pens are generally small in size, easy to operate and very portable. THC liquid extract can fit anywhere, so cannabis oil vape does not have to be as large as devices with dry herbs. The batteries for these units can have variable voltage settings or preset levels that can be selected with the click of a button.

THC vape pens consist largely of three parts:

  • Battery with a small capacity
  • Refillable or pre-filled universal 510 cartridge
  • Atomizer in a tank or heating chamber

THC oil vape pens have changed how people consume cannabis: 

THC Oil Vape Pens has changed the way people consume cannabis. The devices here in 2019 are a mix of high-tech and advanced, as well as reliable, high-quality budget units. The option valves here are suitable for all levels of experience, from beginners to experts.

These pens are easy to use and support e-liquid vaping, at least the refillable devices. No button operation is what many diapers prefer, but even the products with the one-button operation are simple.

Although many of these devices have refillable pods or tanks, they require minimal cleaning or maintenance. If anyone wants to enter the world of cannabis vaping, one of these devices will provide a suitable solution.

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Top Portable Vape Pens in Canada 2019

best Vape pen in canada


vaping weed dry herb vape pens

Vape pens are some of the newest, most popular products on the market for fans of dry herbs, wax and oil. There has been a rapid development of smaller, stronger, efficient portable vape pens and the market is almost saturated.

Now, more than ever, it is important to equip yourself with current and reliable knowledge about what the best dry herb pens are.

Especially since there are so many different options, we have listed below an extensive list of some of the best portable vape pens on the market today.

The purpose of this assessment is not to convince you to buy one type of vape pen over another, but to present and highlight some of the distinguishing features and specifications in each vape pen and provide you with accurate information to better inform your decisions!

Evaporators come in all different sizes, shapes and functions. You need to know exactly what you are looking for.


Be sure to consider a number of things when you decide to decide which suits you best:


  • You need to consider how you will use your vape in the first place.
  • Do you want to be outside of your home and in public? In your car? In a park / in nature?
  • What are you going to use your vape for?
  • There are different types of vapes. Do you only want to use dry herb?
  • Are you only looking for a wax pen? Do you need both?
  • How much do you intend to vape?
  • How heavy or light or a user are you?
  • Some vapes will be better for heavier users because they are equipped with features and design considerations that are intended for a more experienced, heavier user. They will deliver bigger hits and their batteries will probably last longer. An experienced user needs a vape pen that is more robust and is not likely to burn away with intensive use.

With these considerations in mind, let’s review the different specifications of each type of vape pens below.




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Buy the Best Shatter Pen – Vape Pen in Canada

shatter pen - vape pen canada

Buy Shatter Pen - Vape Pen in Canada

Definition of Vape Pen:

A mobile device that consists of a battery that is attached to a cartridge filled with the cannabis concentrate. With a Vape Pen, concentrates are heated, not burned. The output is vapor instead of smoke. Due to the lack of smoke and the portable convenience of Vape Pens, some cannabis users prefer vape to smoke.

Advantages of using the vape pen

Vape pens have a number of advantages over smoking cannabis flower, especially for new consumers.

Vape Pens are handy: 

The cartridges are small, transportable and pre-filled with distillates and concentrate. Carrying multiple of them is much easier than carrying different types of flowers, and exchanging them is easy.

Vape Pens are discreet: 

Vape pens are often used by tobacco smokers, so they don’t attract much attention nowadays. The smell of vapor is also much less pervasive than the smell of burning cannabis flower, so vaping could be done – possibly unnoticed – smoking is not permitted in many places.

Vape Pens are less harmful:

Studies show that when cannabis is burned, the inhaled smoke contains at least 100 toxins, some of which can cause cancer. Because evaporators do not heat marijuana to the point of burning, people who use them are not exposed to those toxins. Long-term research on vaping does not yet exist, but a 2010 study of 20 daily cannabis smokers with existing lung disease revealed that they had “meaningful improvements” in their lung health only one month after using an evaporator.

Vape Pens are Cleaner:

The cartridges are disposable, so there is no sticky resin to clean up. And the only output is water vapor – no smoke, no ash, no mess.

There are also some disadvantages to choosing a vape pen instead of smoking cannabis flower, such as higher prices, fewer varieties and possible health risks associated with cutting agents.

Components of vape pen:

In general, there are four main parts of vape pens:

Tank or cartridge:

The container for the cannabis oil that will be evaporated. Tanks made of plastic, glass or steel can be refilled. Pre-filled cartridges are used until they are empty and thrown away.


The heating element that evaporates the cannabis oil.


The rechargeable lithium-ion battery that powers the vape pen and heats the concentrate. Some batteries are activated with the handshake or a button, while only inhaling activates others. Rechargeable batteries are often supplied with a USB charger. Disposable pens have a pre-charged battery.


The piece through which vapor is inhaled.

What is Filled in a Vape Pen

Vape pens can be filled with varieties or cannabis extracts.

The most common is Distillate, highly refined oil with only a few cannabinoids focused on THC or CBD.

Special concentrates (such as CO2 oil, Shatter and Full Spectrum Extracts) all have marijuana cannabinoids and create a different experience.

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VAPORIZERS: 8 Facts You Need to Know



Vaporization has skyrocketed in popularity over the past few years. In the article, I will show the top eight reasons of the popularity of vaporizers.

1 # They remove harmful toxins:

The Vaporizers heat the CBD vape juice,  dried herb or wax concentrate to a much lower temperature and safely releases the active compound. Prevents combustion, fundamentally eliminating the formation of harmful toxins, carbon monoxide, particulate matter and other dangerous products that occur during smoking.

A 2007 study examining the effects of tabletop vaporizers had the same effect but found that carbon monoxide levels were lowered and no side effects occurred.

2 # Lungs: a safer alternative to avoid the adverse effects of smoking

Vaporizers offer a safer alternative for anyone who wants to avoid the adverse effects of smoking. The ignition on dried herbs and concentrates effectively releases the active ingredient, but under the influence of combustion can cause serious damage to the respiratory system. Produces pure vapor rather than smoke, making the vaporizers easier in the lungs. In 2010, researchers found that previous smokers experienced “significant improvement in respiratory function” one month after switching to the use of vaporizers.

3 # Advanced features make the consumer easy and fun.

Part of the reason vaping has become so popular is their innovation and attractive design. Today’s market benchtop and portable Vaporizers with features such as High-speed heating mechanism, Accurate temperature setting, Digital control, single button operating system, a retractable mouthpiece, tactile feedback notifications and smartphone application compatibility that provide different consumer experiences and reliability that other consumption devices can’t match.

With the vaporizer, you can enjoy wax concentrates containing high concentrations of active compounds. Evaporative Concentration Due to its fast action and strong properties, the vaporizers have become a popular device for those who require a more powerful and immediate effect.

4 # They can save you money in the long run:

The use of a vaporizer requires an initial investment but over time the economically saving choice. The vaporizer produces pure and powerful vapor only when actively inhaling from the mouthpiece or selecting a forced air unit. Therefore, the long life of dry herbs and waxes, so that unnecessary steam is not generated, the vaporizer is a very efficient method of consumption.

5 # They give a greater taste:

Dry herb and wax lovers often advertise that the vaporizers’ “taste notes” of plant material can be tasted better. The vaporizers do not burn herbs and concentrates, so you can taste the taste with a clean nuance that you cannot get with other methods of inhalation.

6 # They produce very little smell:

The aroma produced by the vaporizers is significantly reduced compared to the combustion method. This is a great advantage for those who want to vaporize individually, or for those who do not want to smell in their homes, clothes, hair. Odors caused by steam emanate in minutes. The vaporizers ​allow you to enjoy the plant without the ashes that can disturb your family, roommates, or neighbours.

7 # You can take them on the go:

Vaporizers are currently available in all sizes. For Vaporizer lovers who need portability, Vape Pen is easy to carry Vaporizer anywhere. The vapor inhalation pen has a light battery and compact enough to fit in your pocket.

The most popular form of vaporizer, the handheld portable vape pen, it is simple to operate and can be used almost anywhere.

Tabletop and a portable vaporizer can be purchased in the online shop and shipped directly to your home. Curated the collection of the best vaporizer on the market. Different types of vaporizers are available in price and portability to suit anyone’s needs.

8 # Please see our products for more information.

1 Gram CBD Isolate Cart & Rechargeable Vape

0.5 Gram THC Distillate Vape Pen

0.5 Gram Weed Shatter Vape Pen – No Flavor

1 Gram THC Distillate CCELL Cart

0.5 Gram CBD Isolate Vape Pen

Rechargeable Vaporizer Battery

1 Gram THC Distillate Cart & Rechargeable Vape

1 Gram CBD Isolate CCELL Cart

1 Gram 1:1 CBD/THC CCELL Cart – Blueberry



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Shatter Vape Pen in Canada: 5 Facts You Need to Know

Shatter Vape Pen in Canada

Shatter Vape Pen in Canada: 5 Facts You Need to Know

If you are looking for a better way to experience with marijuana, read our guide about the Weed Shatter Vape. 

1. What is Shatter?

Shatter is a beautiful, glossy, amber-like substance that packs an incredible THC punch. It’s actually a bit like prehistoric amber, but it’s a derivative of marijuana and the only thing is to be very high.

If you’ve heard of dabbing, or even dabbed, you’ll know the gist of shatter weed. Smoking shatters in an appropriate way, and it requires a twist on the common bong colloquially known as a “rig”.

If you feel a bit primitive and don’t have the loot to invest in how to smoke pot in a whole new way, you can crumble your shatter up and throw it into the joint, but most people experience a total dabbing experience.

But be careful. The Shatter may look like a hardened Duffy but will knock out if it is not ready.

shatter vape pens canada

2. Is Shatter Legal in Canada?

In Canada, weeds are legal, so you can go to a local weed store and start asking for the Shatter vape pen.

3. Who is Shatter for?

Do you smoke long? Periodically? In high doses? If so, Shatter will probably give you a run for your money. This stuff can be powerful and enjoyable enough for the pot to win, but it can also cause problems for someone who is not ready.

Of course, because we are talking about marijuana here, assuming that you are doing something ridiculous, such as wanting to drive a car, the stakes are pretty low.

If you haven’t developed a fairly large tolerance though, then lightly weeds will probably be too much in a way that isn’t even pleasant to you.

This is definitely the perfect bud to leave to the experts.

Even if you do not have the proper experience, you should feel free to actually try shatter.

4. What is the Feeling of Vaping Shatter?

As you can see for sure, the shatter gives the stoner an exciting opportunity to fly higher than ever. 

If you are going to shatter vape, I think it is a good idea. Why do you not love this powerful and attractive, very attractive, so unique and interesting?

But be careful. This is no ordinary marijuana. Of course, this isn’t the bud that you had picked up in the high school parking lot.

Shatter is a serious weed for serious stoners, and it’s really amazing.

5. Try the recommended Weed Shatter Vape Pen

.5 Gram Weed Shatter Vape Pen

weed vape 3d view

Shatter Strength: 80% To 85%

Hybrid Strain: God’s Green Crack

Flavour: No Flavor

Pre-filled With: 0.5ml / Half Gram Of Weed Shatter

Usage: 120 Puffs & Or Up To 30 Day Standby Time

Disposable Vape Pen, None Charging

No Odor

Discreet Design To Look Like A E-cigarette

Visit for more information: Weed Shatter Vape Pen


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THC Distillate Vape Pens Buying Guide in Canada

Shatter Vape Pen in Canada

THC Distillate Vape Pens

This guide discusses what distillate, distillate pen and distillate carts are and some tips for buying and using them.

Note that distillate pens can only be used in places where it is legal places.

What is distillate?

The distillate is a cannabis extract. In the systematic process, it removes all material compounds except a specific one cannabinoid from the primary product.

The distillate is the basic ingredient in most edible and vape cartridges and usually has no taste, taste or smell.

It is a powerful cannabis oil that can be used alone or infused into other cannabis products or commodities.

The most common forms of distillate on the market are THC oil and Cannadiol (CBD) oil. The name of the oil shows the most prominent cannabinoids. For CBD oils, CBD becomes the most prominent cannabinoid.

The name distillate refers to the cannabis purification process of removing and separating of cannabinoids  products as like THC and CBD.

Distillate is very powerful, but without the terpene or naturally occurring taste and aroma. One of the advantages of removing natural terpenes is to have full control over the taste and aroma of the final product. The disadvantage of removing terpenes is that in the absence of terpenes, the final product can usually omit the benefits of treatment due to the attracting effect.

In the second half of the process, terpenes can be added to the distillate. Many manufacturers do this, the theory is that if the first elimination reduces the health benefits, adding terpenes keep the benefits again.

What is a distillation pen?
In today’s market, you can easily find vape pens including pure distillate oil. This product has a cartridge heating element filled with THC distillate and a battery to power the heating element.

As well as other vape pens, the heating element evaporates the oil in the cartridge, the vapor is sucked from the mouthpiece. These vape pens tend to be very strong because they contain powerful extracts.

Distillate Vape Cart

Distillate vape cart tends to have a higher terpene content, which has a more pungent aroma and taste.

The process of extracting live resins freezes the plants immediately after harvesting and maintains the freezing temperature through the extraction process. This method is used to maintain valuable terpene profiles of plants.

Pre-filled THC Oil vape cartridge is a convenient and high tech way. They provide rich terpenes flavours and delicious taste and do not cause strong smells like smoke. Because it is vapor! The main type of pre-filled oil cartridge is 510 compatible cartridge or pod.

Here are the best pre-filled THC oil carts for sale right now in Canada.


1 # 1 Gram THC Distillate Cart & Rechargeable Vape

Check the PRICE

THC STRENGTH:  90% to 95%

STRAIN: God’s Green Crack

No Flavor | Blueberry | Bubble Gum | Candy Cane | Cinnamon Hearts | Coconut | Cream Soda | Coffee Crisp | Double Mint | Grand Marnier | Grape Crush | Gingerbread | Lemon | Mango | Orange Creamsicle | Pineapple | Root Beer | Strawberry | Watermelon |








2 # 1 Gram THC Distillate CCELL Cart

Check the PRICE

THC STRENGTH: 90% to 95%

HYBRID STRAIN: God’s Green Crack

No Flavor | Blueberry | Bubble Gum | Candy Cane | Cinnamon Hearts | Coconut | Cream Soda | Coffee Crisp | Double Mint | Grand Marnier | Grape Crush | Gingerbread | Lemon | Mango | Orange Creamsicle | Pineapple | Root Beer | Strawberry | Watermelon |


QUARTZ GLASS: More healthy than high borosilicate glass.

CERAMIC COIL: For gradual heat up, hits faster and gives a bigger cloud.

Compatible with our 510 thread vaporizer batteries.

Cart Dimensions – 12mm Wide / 69.5mm Tall.

Adjustable Airflow intake.

Zero Odor, Zero Leaks!


3 # 0.5 Gram THC Distillate Vape Pen

Check the PRICE

THC STRENGTH: 80% to 85%

HYBRID STRAIN: God’s Green Crack

Blueberry | Bubble Gum | Cola | Coffee Crisp | Double Mint | Grape | Grape Crush | Green Apple | Mango | Pineapple | Pineapple Mango | Strawberry | Spearmint *ON SALE | Watermelon|







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