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What Do You Need to Start Vaping Today in Canada?

best weed vape pen Canada

How to Start Vaping Weed in Canada?

Everyone is talking about weed vaping recently, and there is a lot of hype about what weed vape can do. The really exciting thing about weed vape is that there is a lot of research showing that weed vape can provide many key benefits. 

Weed vape has gained more and more grip as a viable drug, recreational product and more.

Vape pens, the most popular product to vape cannabis is currently legal in Canada. A common question asked about this product by many is “Can I Vape Cannabis?” This is a common question, as many believe that vapen is a safe alternative to smoking.

The short answer to this question is-yes. Before you start using vape pens, however, it’s important to take a closer look at vape pens. 

The tips here will explore everything from administering weed vape pens and more. All of this information will help you to have the best experience possible.

Are you ready to vape weed in Canada?

If you are ready to vape weed and enjoy the wonderful vapor right now in Canada, then there are a couple of things you’ll want to get.

Select the best Weed Vape Pens in Canada

The first thing you need is an electronic CBD vape pen. We recommend a variable voltage 510 battery. You can purchase the official BC WEED  PEN here.

This 510 battery with variable voltage can be connected directly to one of the 510 CBD vape cartridges sold here in various flavours.

Just plug the battery into the cartridge and the mouthpiece is already there. If you connect the two and turn on the power, you will be able to vape!

I hope this brief guide is very useful. We hope you have learned about the industry and how to find high-quality vape pens for your needs.

But most of all, we hope to support the overall and amazing health journey that only CBD can offer!

Here are your health and happiness.

Find high-quality vape pens in Canada

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Vape Pens in Canada: Beginners Buying Guide

vape pen canada

Buy the best vape pens in Canada: Complete buying tips

Once you have decided to go vaping, one of your first tasks is to choose a vape setup that fits your lifestyle, personality and preferences. One of the most popular types of vape devices is the vape pen, a handy, user-friendly and often stylish option that is a must-have for just about every vaper. 

Basic of vape pen: 

A vape pen is a personal evaporator device with a long, slender shape that resembles that of a standard pen. Using a heating element that is powered by a battery, a vape pen heats a solution known as an e-liquid (or vape-juice or e-juice) until it reaches the evaporation point. Once the liquid reaches its target temperature, it turns into a fluffy, usually flavoured, vapor. Unlike traditional tobacco cigarettes, vape pens do not produce smoke – the misty clouds are actually vapor – nor are they associated with the dangerous tar and ash that cigarettes are known for.

Sometimes referred to as vaporizer pens, pen-vapes, fume pens, and even pen-style vapes, this category of vape devices is one that includes a wide range of styles, colours, power levels, and functions. A vape pen can be as compact as an old-school cigarette, or closer to a cigar.

When you discuss the spectrum of available vape devices, vape pens are less complex and smaller than box mods. Less complicated, however, does not necessarily mean that pen pens leave something to be desired in terms of performance. There is numerous high-quality vape pen that offers a wonderfully satisfying, highly customizable vape experience for both new and experienced vapers.

Be familiar with the Parts of vape pens:

Each vape pen is somewhat unique, but you can usually count on it to have the same basic components:

  • A battery that acts as a power source for the device.
  • A tank and atomizer (or pre-filled pod) where the e-liquid is heated to evaporation.
  • An indicator light that indicates when it is switched on and that may also change colour depending on the battery status.
  • A mouthpiece from which the vapor comes out.

Most Vape pen starter kits contain a charging cable to charge the battery. Depending on which vape pens you choose, specific functions such as e-liquid capacity, battery power and size will vary.

You also have the option to purchase a number of additional accessories, which can be a fun way to adjust your vape setup and design your ideal vape experience.

How to use a vape pen?

One of the most important features shared by all vape pens is how simple and simple they are to use. Although many advanced vape devices, such as box mods, require a certain knowledge of wattage, resistance level and other adjustable settings, vape pens tend to eliminate any guesswork with user-friendly operation.

As you would probably guess, the best way to find your way in a new vape pen is to read the device’s enclosed manual. The operation of the vape pen generally follows a similar series of steps:

Charge your device

First, make sure you are prepared by charging your device. Most vape pens come with a charging cord that you can easily connect to recharge. Before using your new vape pen for the first time, you must give the battery time to fully charge.

Fill the e-liquid chamber

You then fill the e-liquid chamber with your desired vapor juice. With literally thousands of taste options, as well as options for nicotine and CBD, finding the right vape juice is a matter of personal preference. If necessary, consult your pen manual to find the e-liquid chamber and then fill it with vape juice. If you are working with a pod-like device, make sure it is designed for use with pre-filled cartridges.

Switch on the device

Once the pen is filled, you can switch on the device. Depending on your specific model, you may need to turn it on with a button or simply by pulling out the mouthpiece. Once it is activated, you are ready to vape!

If you are a first-timer for a vape, it may be useful to know that you do not have to make large draws to maximize your experience. Instead, consider it “sipping” the vapor, and keep in mind that time and practice are the keys to perfecting your technique.

Buy high-quality Vape pens from Bcweedpen in Canada

Whether you are a vaping newbie looking for an alternative to cigarettes or an experienced vaper who wants to add a new device to your collection, Bcweedpen has exactly what you are looking for. 

Explore our shop guide for vape for more product tips and view our extensive selection of brand pens today.

Click on the product list: 

Buy Best Vape Pens in Canada:

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Select The Right Vape Pens for You in Canada

best vape pens canada

How to Select The Right Vape Pens for You in Canada

The cannabis culture has changed due to the spread of legalization and technology, vaporization and vaporizers have also changed.

Judging by the immense popularity of filled cartridges, the most commonly used vaporizer is the vape pen. A simple combination consisting of a battery and a cannabis oil cartridge, vape pens and cartridges have conquered the market for cannabis concentrate.

And while vape pens are very useful for the modern cannabis user and offer a portable and discreet way to consume, it may not be your favourite method of consumption. Here are other types of vaporizer products that you can consider in the ever-changing world of vaping.

A quick analysis of Vaporizers

Although Vaporizers are available in all different shapes, sizes and price points, most devices can be consolidated according to methodology and style. Here is an overview of the types:

Vape Pens:

Vape pens, also known as ‘hash oil’ pens, is a kind of vaporizer that has become incredibly popular in the busy adult cannabis market. 

A standard vape pen consists of a pen-shaped battery and cartridge containing cannabis distillates or oils and an atomizer, the heating element that is activated when contact is made with the vape pen battery.

Cannabis oil or distillate is in the cartridge chamber. When the cannabis distillate process takes place, all taste and aroma are removed from the oil. It can be left in this crude form, mixed with terpenes for extra taste, or mixed with a type of glycol cutting agents, such as vegetable glycerin (VG) or propylene glycol (PG), to give the vapor extra mouthfeel.

Stationary Vaporizers:

Stationary Vaporizers are ideal for use at home, intended to sit on top of a flat surface during use. Although there are many variants of the tabletop on the market, most options include a temperature button, heating element, flower and / or concentrate chamber and a nozzle attachment.

Portable Vaporizers:

Portable vaporizers that sweet spot of convenience, portability, compatibility with your own cannabis flower or concentrate. Most portable vaporizers work the same way as stationary devices, but are smaller and, of course, easier to transport.

Standard portable vaporizers consist of a room for the concentrate, heating element and a battery. Most devices have temperature control in the form of a knob. This is used to activate the battery, heat the room and evaporate or concentrate the flower. From there, the vapors are sent to the consumer through a mouthpiece. It does not always have to be a decision between flour or concentrate vapor. There are also hybrid devices that can be adapted to be compatible with both.

Portable vaporizers are usually used to consume cannabis concentrates in its many forms such as WAX, badder, budder, and shatter. 

E-nail vaporizers: 

Most traditional stationary vaporizers are designed for use with flowers, but electric nail (e-nail) dab rigs, specially designed to work with cannabis concentrates, can also be considered as table vaporizers. Instead of using a flash flame to manually heat up a swab for concentrate consumption, e-nails are electronically heated, giving users complete control over the temperature and size of the swabs.

These vaporizers are usually equipped with powerful batteries and use, just like traditional dab rigs, nails made of ceramic, quartz or titanium. Still newcomers to the vape market, e-nail vaporizers have become a great alternative for cannabis concentrate consumers.

Which type of vaporizer is the best for you?

The best type of vaporizer is completely dependent on the cannabis experience you are looking for. Perhaps the convenience and discretion of a vape pen is the most attractive aspect for you. However, if you want to change your vape game with an e-nail rig or table vaporizer, there are a few things that you should take into account before you make the switch.



Portability of vape pens is certainly an important selling point, but users lack the ability to use their own cannabis concentrate or flour, depending on one of the many cannabis oil cartridge producers to deliver a reliable product.

Reputation of Brand

Although there are certainly renowned brands on both the medical and adult market, there is something to be said about knowing exactly what is in vapors that you breathe. Unfortunately, if you live in a state without a robust adult-use market, it’s hard to know what’s in your pre-filled vape cartridge – let alone whether it is a counterfeit.

In this case, a portable or stationary device compatible with cannabis concentrate or flour may be the desired vaporizer mode.


Product compatibility

To select the best vaporizer for you, it is important to consider what type of cannabis product you want to consume. This limits your search to only devices that are designed to meet your desired vape experience.



Another aspect to keep in mind is how much money you want to spend on your vaporizer​. Vape pen batteries are usually located at the cheaper end of the price spectrum, but often have a shorter lifespan, while most consumers are also limited to pre-filled cartridges. Although it is possible to fill stock cartridges with a homemade concentrate mixture, it requires a certain amount of know-how and can become a bit messy.

Stationary, portable and e-nail rigs usually cost more, but give the user more control over what is consumed, how it is consumed and, more importantly, how much they choose to spend on cannabis products.

Buy Best Vape Pens in Canada:

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Top Portable Vape Pens in Canada 2019

best Vape pen in canada


vaping weed dry herb vape pens

Vape pens are some of the newest, most popular products on the market for fans of dry herbs, wax and oil. There has been a rapid development of smaller, stronger, efficient portable vape pens and the market is almost saturated.

Now, more than ever, it is important to equip yourself with current and reliable knowledge about what the best dry herb pens are.

Especially since there are so many different options, we have listed below an extensive list of some of the best portable vape pens on the market today.

The purpose of this assessment is not to convince you to buy one type of vape pen over another, but to present and highlight some of the distinguishing features and specifications in each vape pen and provide you with accurate information to better inform your decisions!

Evaporators come in all different sizes, shapes and functions. You need to know exactly what you are looking for.


Be sure to consider a number of things when you decide to decide which suits you best:


  • You need to consider how you will use your vape in the first place.
  • Do you want to be outside of your home and in public? In your car? In a park / in nature?
  • What are you going to use your vape for?
  • There are different types of vapes. Do you only want to use dry herb?
  • Are you only looking for a wax pen? Do you need both?
  • How much do you intend to vape?
  • How heavy or light or a user are you?
  • Some vapes will be better for heavier users because they are equipped with features and design considerations that are intended for a more experienced, heavier user. They will deliver bigger hits and their batteries will probably last longer. An experienced user needs a vape pen that is more robust and is not likely to burn away with intensive use.

With these considerations in mind, let’s review the different specifications of each type of vape pens below.