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Buy the Best Shatter Pen – Vape Pen in Canada

shatter pen - vape pen canada

Buy Shatter Pen - Vape Pen in Canada

Definition of Vape Pen:

A mobile device that consists of a battery that is attached to a cartridge filled with the cannabis concentrate. With a Vape Pen, concentrates are heated, not burned. The output is vapor instead of smoke. Due to the lack of smoke and the portable convenience of Vape Pens, some cannabis users prefer vape to smoke.

Advantages of using the vape pen

Vape pens have a number of advantages over smoking cannabis flower, especially for new consumers.

Vape Pens are handy: 

The cartridges are small, transportable and pre-filled with distillates and concentrate. Carrying multiple of them is much easier than carrying different types of flowers, and exchanging them is easy.

Vape Pens are discreet: 

Vape pens are often used by tobacco smokers, so they don’t attract much attention nowadays. The smell of vapor is also much less pervasive than the smell of burning cannabis flower, so vaping could be done – possibly unnoticed – smoking is not permitted in many places.

Vape Pens are less harmful:

Studies show that when cannabis is burned, the inhaled smoke contains at least 100 toxins, some of which can cause cancer. Because evaporators do not heat marijuana to the point of burning, people who use them are not exposed to those toxins. Long-term research on vaping does not yet exist, but a 2010 study of 20 daily cannabis smokers with existing lung disease revealed that they had “meaningful improvements” in their lung health only one month after using an evaporator.

Vape Pens are Cleaner:

The cartridges are disposable, so there is no sticky resin to clean up. And the only output is water vapor – no smoke, no ash, no mess.

There are also some disadvantages to choosing a vape pen instead of smoking cannabis flower, such as higher prices, fewer varieties and possible health risks associated with cutting agents.

Components of vape pen:

In general, there are four main parts of vape pens:

Tank or cartridge:

The container for the cannabis oil that will be evaporated. Tanks made of plastic, glass or steel can be refilled. Pre-filled cartridges are used until they are empty and thrown away.


The heating element that evaporates the cannabis oil.


The rechargeable lithium-ion battery that powers the vape pen and heats the concentrate. Some batteries are activated with the handshake or a button, while only inhaling activates others. Rechargeable batteries are often supplied with a USB charger. Disposable pens have a pre-charged battery.


The piece through which vapor is inhaled.

What is Filled in a Vape Pen

Vape pens can be filled with varieties or cannabis extracts.

The most common is Distillate, highly refined oil with only a few cannabinoids focused on THC or CBD.

Special concentrates (such as CO2 oil, Shatter and Full Spectrum Extracts) all have marijuana cannabinoids and create a different experience.

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Select the Shatter Pen for the Best Vaping Experience

vap pen

Select the Shatter Pen for the Best Vaping Experience

Regarding vaping shatter, many people are actually confused about how to vape shatter with Weed Shatter Vape Pen.

 Read this guide below on how to vape shatter with a vape pen.

What is Shatter?

The shatter is concentrated cannabis distilled with dry herbs. It contains a much higher amount of cannabis psychic compounds like THC and CBD and is much more powerful than common plants.

 It is shattered and looks like glass.

 Shatter can be defined by a glass-like concentrate that is the easiest to dub.

VAPING dry herbs and shatter.


There are several overlapping methods that can be broken into pieces with dried herbs.

“True” vaporization of dry herbs used by vaporizers. The process of putting dried herbs into the heating chamber.

Hot air is jetted through a chamber that absorbs all the psychotropic compounds of the dry herbs and produces a deliciously “steam”.

This process is called convection heating. Another form of true vaporization is conduction heating, which relies on the transfer of thermal energy through direct contact.

The last way to heat dry herbs is called burning heating. This happens when a heating element, also called a coil, comes in direct contact with the dried herbs, essentially wearing a picture. Think of a vaporizer as behaving like a pipe in that it produces smoke. To learn more about the differences between the three heating methods, read the article Combustion vs Conduction vs Convection Vaping.

Some of the techniques available for burning dry herbs can be used for shattered.

Another type of vape coil used to break apart is a single rod quartz coil. This push-style vape coil has a funnel-style ceramic plate with a titanium coil wrapped around a quartz rod.

How do you Vape Shatter?

There are various products that can be shattered or smoked. There is no “right” way to perform this task. This means that most decisions depend on the consumer’s personal preferences.

Starting from the coil type, there are two main factors that determine how to break apart. Some vape coils can supply more power than others and often mean a difference in battery power.

In addition to pancake coils, there are ceramic bar vape coils. This option, which is a one-step upgrade over the traditional core coil, is warm and long lasting. However, it is important to keep the ceramic load coil as clean as possible as well as the core coil.

  Finally, there is a quartz rod coil. This glass-like option is the best option for heat conduction.

The vaporizer uses other coils in other ways, and the portable stab vaporizer uses multiple quartz rod coils.

Strength of the vaporizer and the battery

The second major factor is the strength of the vaporizer and the battery.

The amount of pulverization that a person can vaporize is related to the strength of the vaporizer and the battery, which means that a powerful and powerful vape battery will give the user a very powerful blow.

If the consumer has both a vape coil and a battery suitable for the job, the split consumption can be a fun and illuminating experience.

Visit the Weed Shatter Vape Pen section to purchase the best Shatter pens.

Shatter Vape Pen

Shatter Pen

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  • HYBRID STRAIN : God’s Green Crack

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