How to smoke shatter in a Shatter vape pen?

shatter pen

Vape pens have the ability to vape shatter, but be sure to read the article before buying a shatter pen. Most portable cannabis vape pens only burn vape juice or accept certain pre-filled cartridges.


Vaping shatter work like vaporizing flowers and other concentrates. It is recommended to use a higher temperature than dried flowers when vaporizing the shatters. However, it does not need to be heated to the same high temperatures used for other cannabis concentrates. Put a small amount of shatter in the vaporizer, press the fire button several times to gently heat and enjoy the shattered steam.

Our recommended device for vaping shatter is Weed Shatter Rechargeable Vape Pen.. It is one of the best and most advanced shatter vape pens currently on the market in Canada.

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Step By Step Guide On How To Use A Shatter Vape Pen


Select Shatter as the Concentrate and a Shatter Vape Pen

The popularity of shatter vape pens is related not only to the smoking experience they offer, but also to their versatility. All you need to do is make sure that the correct atomizer is selected for the substance you want to smoke. The shatter vape pen is a very versatile tool that can be easily used for any concentrate or dried herbs. The question that arises now is why you choose shatter, given all the options you have. In short, shatter is one of the most technical and beautiful concentrates you can find on the market.


Load the Chamber of The Shatter Pen

Once you have selected the shatter to use, the next step is to load it. When the chamber of the shatter vape pen opens, there is an open space for the concentrate along with the atomizer coil. Using a tapping tool, rub a little shatter on the edge of the tapping. Then this is scraped off in the room. Do not touch the concentrate with your fingers as cannabis is very fragile and can be damaged as a result. Be careful not to touch the inner heating element as it is also easily damaged.


Prepare The Room Before Hitting

You can easily close the room and hit immediately. However, most people prefer priming the wick faster. This technique is for those looking for a stronger vaping experience. This creates more vapor clouds. After closing the room, press and hold the button for a while. This will prime the wick and allow the shatter to melt into the bottom. The molten shatter surrounds the heating element of the device.


Inhale For The First Time

Press the button to heat the heating coil. After that, pull the mouthpiece for a long time to enjoy the delicious taste. If you like the technical ones, you can change the heat setting of your shatter pen. The low temperature ensures a delicious and smooth inhalation. Higher temperatures produce harder steam with stronger pulling forces. The appropriate temperature also depends on the shatter used. After all, your smoking experience depends entirely on your tastes.

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