Stoney Patch Gummies

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About Stoney Patch

The Stoney Patch Gummies are infused with THC distillate while maintaining the sweet and soft flavor. Choose either 20omg or 500mg, depending on how strong you want them!

 91% THC
1% CBD
3% CBN

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200mg, 500mg

2 reviews for Stoney Patch Gummies

  1. Rita Q (verified owner)

    Best tasting gummies on the market, super strong.

  2. TomaRedir (verified owner)

    Dropped me on my ass lol! wait before eating a second or third.

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Stoney Patch Gummies

Stoner patch dummies, also known as Stoner patch gummies, are bite-sized gummies that taste like sour patch kids. First, they’re sour; then they’re sweet… then you’re stoned.


Stoner patch gummies are made from high-quality cannabis and are infused with 91% THC, 1% THCA, 1% CBD and 3% CBN. This medicated treat is packed with powerful and long-lasting punches. First, they are sour. Then they are sweet … and you are stoned.

When the sour patch infuses gummy cannabis (THC), a stoner patch gummy is born. Patients and beginners taking medication often prefer to eat stoner patch gummies before smoking marijuana.

Edibles are cannabis, THC, CBD, or other cannabidiol-infused foods. Stoney patches, on the other hand, are gummies that have been infused with THC, which contains tetrahydrocannabinol (THC). In short, THC is the main psychoactive ingredient in cannabis used as a mixture of edible candies. It’s sour at first-then you’re expensive! It will be a stone. This treat is now infused with cannabis! With its highly effective ingredients that are not only stoned. A Stoney patch will soothe you, make you sound and comfortable.

Buy genuine Stoney Patch Canada Gummies made from the highest quality cannabis at Get the best-tasting medicated bandage is the roughest gummy candy you’ve ever eaten! Packed with powerful punches to relieve mild pain, this gummy edible food is a popular top pick for beginners. Finally, it’s sour at first, so it’s best to take it with caution. Then they are sweet … and you are stoned.

Edibles take longer to process than smoking or eating cannabis. Stone patch edible effects vary from person to person. Some people enjoy gummy candies with a “high” sensation, while others are highly tolerant and ineffective at all.

Gummies infused with cannabis usually start kicking 30 to 60 minutes after ingestion. The time it takes for food to break down and enter the bloodstream directly determines how long it takes to feel the effect. People who are more tolerant than others don’t have to worry about eating large amounts. If you are a beginner, start with one or two gummies, see how you feel after an hour, and then gradually increase your dose. In short, Stoney patches are safe as long as they are consumed responsibly.

Stoner patch gummies usually last an average of 5 hours. After ingestion, people peak in 2-4 hours and feel normal after 5-6 hours. Unlike experienced smokers, consuming more than 200 mg of THC makes the average consumer feel higher for more than 6 hours, giving and receiving weight and THC tolerance. This scenario varies from case to case.

Stoner patch dummies take longer to catch than smoking or smoking cannabis. The feeling of “high” is stronger than smoking and can last longer.

Stoney Patch Gummies are sour at first, then you are high! These treats are now infused with cannabis. Stoney patch gummies will make you feel calm and comfortable. In general, it takes 30 minutes for the edibles to be effective, and you should definitely feel the effect within 2 hours. Gummies come in multiple colors, including yellow, green, blue, and red.

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