Red Cuban Hash by Black Stash

Red Cuban by Black hash & Co. is dedicated to our time we’ve spent in Cuba and our fond memories smoking cigars at the beach

Effect: Balanced Hybrid 50% Sativa 50% Indica
Consistency: Malleable
Taste: Earthy Pine


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Red Cuban Hash by Black Stash

Our story

Black stash hash, we are a local group of hash entrepreneurs that have traveled across BC and parts of the USA. Connecting with other local artisan hash producers from town to town to learn their unique ways of crafting. From all the way east to Montreal to down south to Portland we have met up with dozens of hash enthusiasts to fine tune our own products.

One of our unique processing techniques involves aging cannabis prior to pressing into hash. The flavour and aroma evolve over time as the terpene profile changes. Sometimes this can be a bad thing however with fine tuning and proper facilities we are able to achieve specific natural tastes and flavours through aging.

How does this work? Over time specific terpenes become weaker while some become more dominate and potent thus, achieving our unique and desired flavours. The other huge perk with aging cannabis a certain way is that we can increase the concentration of cannabinol. CBN is a by-product of tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) that’s created as the THC ages. Cannabinol is estimated to be only 10% as a psychoactive as its parent compound, some users rely on that for therapeutic effecs without a too intense high. A fine balance of aging gives us a strong and slightly psychoactive hash. Both medical and pleasing.

From fine sifting techniques to slow heat pressing, we are constantly finetuning our hash batches with all the knowledge gathered from our many hash expeditions. We work with our local growers to keep all our hash made sustainably with but with techniques from all over Canada and the USA. 

We are the hash Pioneers!

Paving new and creative ways to keep you high!

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