Managers Mishap 1g Vape Cart Special

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Special offer/price drop. from 22 down to 19.99, small savings add up! 


What happened here? lets just say that our managers got a little stoned over the weekend white attempting to pack the new carts.We’ve all been there.. Our loss your gain! As long as you like surprises! We gave up trying to figure out which carts were which flavoured so you’re getting a mystery cart followed by some savings!

Long story short at the time we figured it was a great idea to test out the blueberry flavoured hash while we organize and pack the carts! Everything was going well till we decided to dump out all the new carts into a bin at once and pack them all together. You know, cutting corners. Its faster to pack the carts when they’re in a big pile all together than opening each packed flavour individually and repacking them into labeled packages… Had them all packed up but realized we didn’t know which flavours were which.. 

if you’re interested in the hash.. 


That all happened the first time, we didn’t bother updating everyone about the second time but the third time (which is currently now) is a whole other story. We got all the new hired stoned and we tried to label everything but the labelling couldn’t label.. haha



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