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High Times has just recently developed a full spectrum line of cartridges! With a full cannabinoid and terpene profile, many find these carts to be rather strong! Made using a high grade Essential Cannabis Resin formulation, it is free of any carrier oils and residual solvents. As always we only use AVD cartridges, which have passed all lab testings, certified free of heavy metals.We are constantly striving to set a new standard, so that our cartridge will excel in quality from start to finish. We hope you stay purely elevated!

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Cherry Punch Full Spectrum 1g Vape Cart, Cherry Punch is known to be a pretty even hybrid strain it is a cross between Purple Punch and Cherry AK 47. A overall balanced and semi fruity strain with uplifting effects followed by a nice relaxing mellow. 

A full-spectrum cart is processed so that instead of only extracting the THC during the plant’s distillation process, all they do is clean the oil and prepare it for packaging. Then, instead of distilling the components of the resulting oil into parts they believe are most desirable, producers give consumers a product that is almost identical to the strain or group they advertise it as. 

While some cannabinoids and terpenes are going to be lost in the process of creating this full-spectrum oil, generally speaking, what you receive in a full-spectrum cart is the naturally occurring cannabinoid and terpene composition of whatever bud they used. 

These carts leave you with a more complex and twisty high that is more similar to smoking the whole bud in a bowl, dry-herb vape, or a pre-roll! These products are becoming increasingly popular in the legal market and are priced very competitively with the THC-distillate carts. While our Budtenders still enjoy distillate carts, many of us will recommend a full-spectrum cart off the bat if you ask us which ones we prefer.


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