500mg Rice Krispies (White Chocolate Dipped)

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Rise Krispies

Effect: 100% Couch Lock
Consistency: its a Rice Krispy, if you don’t know already hurry up and order some
Taste: Tasty AF don’t eat more than one per sitting.

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Rice Krispies

These are the absolute definition of F*ck around and find out later. We wanted to have a treat with a stupidly high dosage (if we had our way we would have had them 1000mg but decided we might scare our clients) We took the classic childhood treat and made it just for adults who are looking for a complete knock out. We cannot guarantee that if you split these bad boys in half that you’ll get an even 250mg dose per half, plus.. who saves half for later?? the secret is in the infused chocolate that we dip these in. Each rice Krispy will be vacuum sealed to maintain freshness and potency. We cannot stress enough to be carful when consuming these. We have been testing out recipes for the past week and getting chronically couch locked. Please take these off our hands!

Please allow at least an hour to let these kick in and start taking affect.

We will be rolling out a 500mg Full Spectrum CBD Rice Krispy shortly.


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1 Krispy, Double Trouble


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