1 Gram THC CO2 Dragon Rechargeable Vape Pen

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  • 1000mg of Lab Tested C02 Oil
  • Strains : OG Kush | Sunset Sherbet |Blue Dream | Grand Daddy Purple| Durban Poison |Girl Scout Cookies | Strawberry Banana Kush | Tangie
  • Sleek & Discreet
  • Large Cartridge Good for over 200 puffs
  • Comes with Rechargeable Battery+USB Charger
  • *Keep in a safe place, pens are very fragile*

Indica,Sativa,Hybrid options available



This is a reusable vape pen that comes with the battery, charger and full tank.  Pure Pull uses only the finest flower in their state of the art CO2 extraction machine.  The pens are sexy, discrete and the exhaled vape has nearly no smell.  As the oil is a concentrate, a little goes a long way.  The occasional user will find a cartridge lasting months or approximately 200 pulls.  This is a premium, lab tested, CO2 extracted, terpene enriched cannabis oil with no additives and no carriers.

Why CO2 oil extraction:

CO2 is natural and you’re exhaling it right now.
CO2 is a premium product for the oil extraction process and leaves no solvents.
Experienced vapers know that CO2 extracted oil is the best type of cannabis oil because it is natural and contains and produces no solvents.
Pure Pulls has recently unveiled their latest products that make consumption of this oil easier than ever.


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OG Kush, Sunset Sherbet, Blue Dream, Grand Daddy Purple, Durban Poison, Girl scout cookies, Strawberry Banana Kush, Tangie

2 reviews for 1 Gram THC CO2 Dragon Rechargeable Vape Pen

  1. Wyatt O (verified owner)

    These are decent.

  2. Avinash Nagwankar (verified owner)

    Good quality. Good service. These guys are good. Keep up the lit work guys..

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