Green Gold Shatter

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Brand: Green Gold
Weight: 1 Gram per pack
Types: Indica | Hybrid | Sativa
Made in B.C.



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About Green Gold

Green Gold is dedicated to creating high-quality products that are delicious and properly dosed while making sure that their affordable shatter is available to all.

What is Shatter?

Shatter is a concentrate made from the cannabis plant that yields very high levels of THC, often 70-95%. CBD levels are much lower, and the result is often psychedelic with only a dose the size of a grain of rice.

It is extracted from the plant through a process that often uses a solvent (H2O, C2O, butane, alcohol, etc).  The goal of concentrates is to eliminate all plant matter and extract the resin glands from the plant matter.  The cannabis plant is mixed with a solvent then strained or purged to remove plant matter and any remaining solvents from the product.

Suggested medical use: Inflammation, Headaches, PTSD, Muscle pain, Chronic pain, Epilepsy.

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Girl Scout Cookies – 1 Gram

2 reviews for Green Gold Shatter

  1. Henry L (verified owner)

    Great sativa. Tastes great and hits so nice and smooth!

  2. bobcannabis (verified owner)

    Great flavor and effect! nice body vibration and relaxing buzz.

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