1 Gram CBD Full Spectrum Cartridge

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PREMIUM 510 THREAD Ceramic Cartridge

  • CBD Full Spectrum – No Flavor
  • PRE-FILLED WITH : 1000mg / 1 GRAM OF CBD Full Spectrum
  • 100% Glass & Ceramic Cartridge – Free of heavy metals.
  • Compatible with our 510 thread vaporizer batteries.
  • Zero Odor, Zero Leaks!.

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What is the CBD Full Spectrum Cart charged with?

1 Gram of CBD Full Spectrum 


What is full-spectrum CBD?

CBD can seem complicated at first, so let’s break it down a little.

Cannabinoids: There are more than 100 cannabinoids, including CBD and tetrahydrocannabinol (THC). CBD and THC are responsible for the therapeutic and psychoactive effects of cannabis products.

Terpenes: The more than 150 terpenes in cannabis affect the plant’s fragrance (think: what makes an orange smell citrusy). They can also have therapeutic benefits (think: how lavender has a calming effect).

Flavonoids: Cannabis includes about 20 different flavonoids. Flavonoids are found in all kinds of plants, including fruits, vegetables, grains, and more. Like terpenes, they have therapeutic effects. StudiesTrusted Source show that the flavonoids found in cannabis have anti-inflammatory, anti-cancer, and neuroprotective properties.


Full-spectrum CBD includes small amounts of all of these compounds, including THC.

By comparison, broad-spectrum CBD removes THC, while CBD isolate removes everything except CBD.


Cons of full-spectrum CBD

Contains THC

Not everyone wants THC in their CBD products. You may prefer to avoid it or might worry about it showing up on a drug test. Depending on the test, this is a possibility — especially if you’re buying CBD products that are mislabeled and contain more THC than they claim.

Is full-spectrum CBD right for you?

If you’re interested in the potential therapeutic benefits of the entourage effect, full-spectrum CBD may be the best choice for you.

However, if you’re sensitive to THC or just want to avoid it, you might want to try broad-spectrum CBD. That way, you’ll still get some benefits of entourage effect but with no THC.

If you don’t want anything but CBD, isolate will be your best bet.

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No Flavor, Blueberry, Bubble Gum, Coffee Crisp, Cream Soda, Double Mint, Grape Crush, Strawberry, Watermelon, Cherry, Peach, Liche

2 reviews for 1 Gram CBD Full Spectrum Cartridge

  1. Amyyy (verified owner)

    I have used quite a few and I must say, this works a lot better than the others.

    I find it easier to fall asleep within 30 minutes to an hour instead. It usually takes about 2 to 3 hours on my own or with some others.

  2. Clay Lewis (verified owner)

    The effects were nice. Definitely more noticeable than a CBD isolate cartridge. I bought the unflavored one, which I’m used to ordering from here, but this cart has a strong oily taste. I don’t know how to describe it, I didn’t really enjoy it. I’m sure it has something to do with extracting the full spectrum of cannabinoids from the flower, but I recommend ordering a flavored one of these.

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