Nevada State Governor has Declared a “state of emergency,” for running out of marijuana.

running out of marijuana

After only two weeks of marijuana being legally available in Nevada, the state has declared a state of emergency:

Their supply can’t meet demand and is running extremely low. Therefore, the issue lies
within the lack of the state of distributors who are licensed to sell marijuana.
Governor, Brian Sandoval, recently announced the state of emergency. So, it is allowing officials to
focus on new rules that could fix this problem before it gets worse, according to Fox News.
The Nevada Taxation Department stated that they are considering allowing select liquor stores to
sell and cash in on marijuana sales.

“Based on reports of adult-use marijuana sales already far exceeding the industry’s expectations
and the states 47 licensed retail locations and the reality that most stores are running out o inventory. As a result,  the Department must immediately address the lack of distributors,” the Department of
Taxation stated. “Some establishments report the need for delivery within the next 48-72 hours.”
The state underestimated the demand for adult-use medical marijuana. The state has 47 licensed
marijuana retail locations and each store are struggling to keep up with demand.

In November, liquor stores were given the opportunity to sell marijuana, moreover; devices like the
herbal vaporizer if they met a list of specific requirements.

Unfortunately, many of these establishments failed to meet the requests of the government. Therefore, officials stated that they are currently working with liquor wholesalers to help them meet the necessary requirements for

A spokesperson for the Department of Taxation released a statement, “We continue to work with
liquor wholesalers who have applied for distribution rights. However, a majority of these stores
have not yet met the current requirements to obtain a license. Therefore, many applicants have postponed
necessary inspections due to their facilities not being ready,” said a spokesperson from the USA

Dispensaries were originally only allowed to distribute retail medical marijuana. They also allowed distributing devices like the dry herb vaporizer. However, since then they have been given the right to sell marijuana recreationally as well. The problem is, these dispensaries can only purchase a product from a
licensed distributor, who are experiencing little to no supply.

The Department of Taxation stated that “Business owners have invested hundreds of millions of
dollars to set up facilities across the state,” they also noted “thousands of employees have been
hired and trained to meet market demand.”

If the distribution issued is not solved quickly, states will be unable to deliver product to the
consumer and many people will lose jobs.

The state of Nevada just recently joined Colorado, Oregon, Washington, and Alaska in allowing
adults the right to purchase and consume marijuana recreationally.

For an individual to purchase marijuana, they must be 21 or older and have a valid ID. So, each
the person can go to one of the states 47 dispensaries, moreover; purchase up to an ounce of marijuana.
Usage of the drug is also still restricted and it can only be smoked or consumed in a private domicile.
It cannot be used in public, at any hotel or casinos. Therefore, if you are caught using the drug in public you
can be charged with a $600 misdemeanor fine. Even if you are using a weed vaporizer.

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