Magic Mushroom Enthusiasts: How To Use For The First Time

Magic Mushroom

The beginning of the 21st century is considered to be the time when the world was hit by magic mushroom enthusiasts and others. Over the years, things have changed and changed rapidly for psychedelics, in terms of legal and medical status. You don’t have to search the internet for a long time to find articles about the ability of psilocybin to treat various mental health problems. You don’t have to scroll endlessly to hit an influencer singing microdosing. This is all very exciting, but what if you feel this is happening to you?


And with all the (naturally) great psychedelics appearing in the press, more people want to try them out than ever before. Whether it’s microdosing or complete induction, people who may not have thought about hallucinogens before turned their heads. But just because something is popular doesn’t mean that everyone is an expert. Many people, despite their interests, may find it scary to make their first mushroom journey, so haven’t taken the plunge yet-even if everyone else seems to be.


Don’t be afraid! Whether you’re a microdoser you want more or a complete beginner-we’re on your side to guide you on your first trip-with our top tips for a new trip!

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Magic Mushroom Dosage

These are tips for beginners-so we recommend you the right dose on your first trip-there are no heroic doses anymore


To reassure nervousness, magic mushrooms are ranked as the safest illicit substances by the World Drug Survey and are even safer than cannabis-this is legal in many places. Plus, mushrooms aren’t addictive, so the only reason you’ll want to do it again is if you’re having fun-and the chance is you’ll!


The first decision you need to make is what shape you want your mushroom to look like. This will affect your dose. In addition, the type of fungus also affects it-assuming we are using the most common trippy fungus, Psilocybe Cubensis.


We recommend 1-3g for dried mushrooms. Obviously, 1g is milder and 3g is a stronger dose for the first time, but it is still considered “moderate”.


For fresh mushrooms, the rule of thumb is usually to multiply by 10. Therefore, we recommend 10 to 30g of fresh mushrooms.


For fresh magical truffles, it is usually multiplied by 5. This means 5-15g of fresh magical truffles.

Indoor And Outdoor Environment

That’s a big deal. This phrase basically means your indoor and outdoor environment. Both of them are essential to your experience, so let’s explain:


“Set” is an abbreviation for “mindset”. 

The mental state you bring to your experience greatly colors it. Your mood, thoughts, feelings, and previous expectations about your trip can affect how it goes. Therefore, it is advisable to prepare for the eve’s trip by relaxing, meditating, sleeping soundly, and practicing self-care. It’s okay to get nervous! But he doesn’t have to catch up with you. Many trips need to be “following the flow”, so the more open and calm you are, the smoother it will be. It’s also a good idea to write down what you want to gain from your goals and experience in advance to help you focus. Take a day off to make sure you have no other responsibilities.


In addition, your physical health is also a factor to consider-if you feel sick or in poor health, these sensations can be amplified during your trip. So pay attention to that too-a healthy body, a healthy mind. If you don’t feel 100%, don’t force it. Wait for it to suit you.


Physical And Social Environment

The “frame” is related to the physical and social environment in which you choose to stumble. When you encounter Magic Mushrooms, all your emotions and emotions are amplified. This means that your fears may be exaggerated if you feel uncomfortable or in an unfamiliar environment. That is why we recommend a comfortable and familiar place. It provides a sense of control over your experience that helps you relax.

Friends and Trip

Although it is possible to travel alone, many people prefer first-time dating. Whether it’s someone with psychedelic experience or a friend you know best (it’s great if it’s the same!), Someone to watch over you and say kind words Please keep it at hand. If you need it, it’s a great help.


Alternatively, asking someone to be your true “trip sitter” could be the perfect option for your first psychedelic trip. Trip sitter is like a designated driver for a trip. They are completely calm or at much lower doses and are always with you. Their involvement ranges from simple and reassuring beings to guiding you at every stage. If they want to guide you, make sure they have a psychedelic experience! An atmosphere of trust is essential.


Select The Best Timeline

You’ve probably set aside all day for your first Magic Mushroom experience. I definitely recommend it. Most people on their first trip decide to eat mushrooms early in the day. Therefore, the effect usually disappears before bedtime. It also means that magic mushrooms are most effective on an empty stomach, so it’s likely that you haven’t eaten them yet. The duration of the trip is usually 4 to 8 hours. It takes an average of 30 to 45 minutes to see the effect, but it can take 15 to 2 hours depending on the method of intake, such as tea, edible, lemon, and snacks.


Of course, the length of time also depends on the dose you take and the mysterious chemistry of your body. As a guide, it is recommended to take an appropriate amount of 1 to 3 g of dried mushrooms, so it will take about 6 hours. 


Also, keep in mind that psychedelic mushroom trips can go up and down like waves. You can think of feeling magic again after 4 hours, and foaming in order to say hello. Relax and GO!


Start Now

As mentioned above, it can take 15 minutes to 2 hours for your trip to take effect. If you are patient and don’t feel something as quickly as you think, it’s best not to take any more. This can lead to much heavier doses than expected if all are enabled at the same time.


When things start to happen, you may feel anxious and nauseated. please do not worry! It is normal. The first thing you notice is probably visual. The patterns stand out, things shine and merge. You may feel an uncontrollable smile on your cheeks. You laugh, but you may not know what you are making fun of.


Magic Mushroom Journey

It is not possible to completely predict how the journey will end. You may be in another dimension-but hopefully at lower doses you will be able to exercise a little control for the first time-if you wish.


Now it’s all up to you! You can navigate your inner spirit, observe the fractal patterns of your eyelids, connect with foliage plants, and perhaps even face your deepest desires and fears.


If you start to feel overwhelmed-breathing-remember what you are in charge of and that you chose this journey. You can remind yourself of the intent you wrote down in your notebook, or listen to the kind words of the trip sitter to lock you in.


Remember that these experiences are momentary. Relax and do what your performance wants.

“Come Down” Facts

Mushroom clothing is often referred to as “calming”. This can be misleading, as people often associate it with party night comedowns and offensive means. Guilt, headache, nausea.


Many people find the pleasant sensations they experience when magic mushrooms disappear. Some equate it with slipping into a bubble bath, while others feel a sense of familiarity, enlightenment, and the joy of returning to a clear expression. Relax for the rest of the night. Eat well, rehydrate, and write down the thoughts and feelings you have caused while traveling.


The “trippy” part of your experience is over, but you will still feel the effects of psilocybin. Many people describe it as “afterglow” -it’s comfortable. Ideally, if possible, you should be able to digest your free time the next day. If you have a big revelation about the changes you want to make in your life, wait a day or two for the glow to subside and see if it’s what you want. You don’t have to rush to fire or declare love. 


And there! You made your first trip! You weren’t so scared now, right? I’m proud of you!

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