How Many Ways Do You Get CBD Without Vaping in Canada?


Enjoy CBD without Vaping in Canada

You just notice that CBD Vaping may not be “yours”. It is 100% ok, it is even better. That’s because there are many other ways to get a CBD in Canada.

However, one thing to keep in mind is the absorption rate of the various ways of taking CBD. Inhalation, ingestion and skin absorption rates vary greatly. 


Inhalation, oral ingestion, and skin absorption rates

Method is as follows.

When you vape CBD oil into your lungs, the body absorbs between 2% to 56% of CBD. The big difference comes from experience: once you learn to inhale deeper and keep it in the vapor, you can expect an average of 40% absorption by inhalation.

If you swallow CBD, you can expect 4% to 20% bioavailability. Usually less than 10% at the bottom. However, when it is absorbed sublingually into the mucous membranes at the base of the tongue, it rises to the highest end of the 10% -20% bioavailability range.

It may be surprising that the skin absorption of CBD is still at a theoretical stage. It has been shown to slightly increase the level of CBD in the blood, but there is a theory that it has a more local effect than the general one. 

Therefore, to summarize all this, inhalation is the most effective way of absorbing CBD in the body, followed by oral ingestion and ultimately transdermal or dermal absorption. Now that you’ve noticed the difference.

Most Popular Alternatives to CBD Vaping in Canada

“Normal” CBD Oil (Tinctures)

Did you know that there are certain types of CBD oil that should never evaporate? Well, that’s it. It is even more popular than vaping, which may be incredible.

So how do you use tinctures? It’s just oil in a small container, using a lid dropper to squeeze a few drops under the tongue. From there it is absorbed directly into the bloodstream. Simple!

CBD Capsule

These are even easier. Have you ever taken any medicine before? If so, you are already familiar with these mechanisms. Swallow them! You got a CBD.

CBD Edibles

Here, the CBD lifestyle will be fun! If you have a sweet tooth, you love CBD edibles products because they are actually hungrily infused with high-quality CBD. Gummy worms, watermelon and peach rings, lollipops, chocolate cookies …

Does it cause your mouthwash to think about it? 

CBD Spray

These are really cool. First of all, sprays are the most important form of medical management. An FDA-approved CBD-based drug, Epidiolex, is a spray. Therefore, there is much research on spraying.

And in fact, just spray it in your mouth, under your tongue, like a tincture. But the best thing is that there are different formulas with different types of terpenes and CBD formations to achieve different results.

CBD Beauty Products

If you already use beauty products-body butter, facial cleansers, anti-ageing creams or basic products such as chopsticks, lotions, conditioners …

All you have to do is replace some (or all) of your beauty products with CBD-infused alternatives. Suddenly, you live the CBD lifestyle without extra effort on your side. Simple and effortless beauty.

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