Cannabis and Sex: 5 Facts You Need to Know

Cannabis and Sex

From lubricants to portable vaporizers to massage oils, there is no shortage of cannabis products specially made for sex on the market. According to scientists, cannabis has the power to enhance sexual pleasure and improve sexual life.

Study On Cannabis Use Before Sex

The 2018 Stanford University study has been a hot topic recently. Scientists have found that regular cannabis users have 20% more sex than non-cannabis users. In addition, according to various studies, cannabis users not only have more sex, but also better sex.


And it can have a significant impact on the treatment of common sexual problems that affect most of the population. In the United States, the Cleveland Clinic reports that sexual dysfunction affects 43% of women and 31% of men. However, there are few effective treatments for sexual disorders. Therefore, we explain that cannabis can help solve sexual function and performance problems.


Some scientific studies have shown an interesting link between sex and cannabis-it needs further investigation. Despite many claims about cannabis and sex, there is currently no scientific study showing that cannabis has a direct impact on sexuality disorders. Formal barriers to cannabinoid research, and the highly subtle and complex science of sexuality, have hampered efforts to study the relationship between cannabis use and sexual performance.

Is Cannabis an Aphrodisiac?

Cannabis has been used as an aphrodisiac for thousands of years. As an example, ancient Indian Ayurvedic practitioners often recommend the use of cannabis to enhance male sexual performance. A review by BioMed Research International, citing historical data from the section on “Ayurvedic and Aphrodisiac Concepts” called cannabis “a plant that delays and improves ejaculation”.


The study, published in the Journal of Clinical Psychology in 1979, was one of the first peer-reviewed reports to find substantive evidence of a link between cannabis and sex. The results of this study show that “experienced cannabis users” believe that cannabis plants enhance orgasm and should be considered an aphrodisiac.


In addition, in a series of anonymous surveys distributed to college students in 1984, more than two-thirds stated that they experienced greater sexual pleasure and satisfaction with the use of cannabis. This study, published in the Journal of Sex Research, also found that most of them occasionally use marijuana before having sex, and 20% use it on a regular basis.


However, keep in mind that most of your cannabis and gender knowledge is determined by research. This is a bit problematic because research depends primarily on a person’s emotions and emotions. The findings are very subjective and the sensation of “fun sex” can be interpreted differently from person to person.

Why Is Cannabis Used Before Having Sex?

According to a 2017 report by Czech psychopharmacology scientists, cannabis stimulates a part of the brain called the right nucleus accumbens. It also plays an important role in controlling sexual arousal. The nucleus accumbens, also known as the hedonic center of the brain, is densely populated with the cannabinoid receptor CB1, which is activated directly by THC and indirectly by CBD.


The CB1 receptor makes the endocannabinoid system (SEC) a major regulatory mechanism in the brain and body. It reflects the way many physiological processes are balanced and the effects of cannabis are experienced.


Cannabinoid receptors are found not only in the organs that produce sex hormones, but also in the reproductive organs themselves. It turns out that there is a series of overlaps between the endocannabinoid system and the physiology of sexual function. On the one hand, cannabinoid receptors are present not only in the organs that produce sex hormones, but also in the reproductive organs themselves. Cannabinoid receptors are also present at the axon terminals of dopaminergic and serotonergic neurons and play important roles in sexual function along with testosterone estrogens. Oxytocin then works together to regulate the sexual response.


Italian scientist Mauro Maccarone called the endogenous cannabinoid system the “guardian angel” of mammalian breeding. Extensive preclinical studies have shown that cannabinoid receptor signaling is involved in all stages of the reproductive process, from sexual arousal to orgasm, fertilization to embryo implantation, and fetal development.

Cannabis Sexual Arousal And Orgasm

A 2012 study by American and Canadian researchers also sheds light on the relationship between the endogenous cannabinoid system and gender. The authors measured serum levels of endocannabinoid 2-AG and AEA in 21 healthy women before and after watching a neutral and erotic movie. Sexual arousal is also measured by vaginal photoplethysmography, a technique that detects changes in organ and body volume. Another device, called an awakening meter, measures continuous subjective arousal over the duration of a movie.


The results of this experiment are published in the Journal of Sexual Medicine. The authors observed a direct relationship between circulating endocannabinoid levels and female sexual arousal. As female sexual arousal increased, AEA levels decreased significantly.


According to a 2017 paper entitled “Masturbation to Orgasm, Release of Endocannabinoid 2-Arachidonoylglycerol Stimulates Humans,” Endocannabinoid Levels Suddenly Increase When Arousal Peaks.


According to a study of several women by the journal Women’s Sexual Health, more than half of those who used marijuana before sex reported increased libido and improved orgasm. A similar result is Dr. Was highlighted in a 2019 article entitled “Effects of Cannabinoids on Female Sexual Function” published by. Becky Lynn, assistant professor of women’s health at St. Louis University School of Medicine, Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology. Dr. Lin’s team concluded that the combination of cannabis and sex is associated with a longer and more satisfying orgasm.

Cure Sexual Disorders With Cannabis

What explains the positive effects of cannabis during sex? Perhaps dozens of factors are involved. Both THC and CBD are vasodilators. That is, cannabis relaxes and dilates blood vessels. Vasodilation also plays an important role in sexual arousal. Cannabis can improve sexual function by reducing anxiety and pain. This often interferes with a positive sexual experience. 70% of the 199 men and women who responded to the University of British Columbia survey said that using cannabis makes sex more relaxing.


In a 2011 report entitled “Effects of Cannabis Use on Men’s Sexual Health,” two Canadian doctors pointed out that cannabis can promote erectile dysfunction. However, the same article also concluded that most of the results of this study were inconsistent. Researchers suspect that the dose used is not suitable for the subjects forming the samples for this study.


Finally, various cannabinoid receptors can have a significant impact on the quality of sexual intercourse. Depending on the dose, dysfunction can also be treated. A 2008 Canadian study found that CB1 receptor antagonism promotes ejaculation, suggesting that CB1 may be a new target in pharmacology.

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