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Cooking with BC Weed Pen Oil has emerged as a delightful way to combine the pleasures of gourmet cuisine and the therapeutic properties of this miraculous plant.  Whether you’re an experienced cannabis enthusiast or just curious to explore the culinary side of it, this blog will be your guide to crafting tantalizing dishes that incorporate […]

Nowadays, tremendous people are consuming cannabis for medical and recreational purposes. The annual flowering marijuana hemp plant has immense and incredible medicinal properties. To treat pain, depression, stress, insomnia, and major diseases like cancer individuals opt for the cannabis strain, Sativa. The cannabis sativa strains offer an energizing effect on the human body and make […]

Cannabis has come a long way from its days of prohibition and stigma. In Canada, the legalization of cannabis for recreational use in 2018 marked a significant shift in how society perceives and accesses this once-controversial plant. With this new era, a unique and convenient avenue for purchasing cannabis has emerged: online dispensaries.  This blog […]

Canada has been at the forefront of the global cannabis revolution since it legalized recreational cannabis in 2018. Beyond just smoking, Canadians have embraced a myriad of cannabis consumption methods, with edibles gaining immense popularity. We will delve into the delicious world of cannabis edibles in Canada, exploring their history, regulations, diverse offerings, effects, and […]

Cannabis has a colourful and vibrant history. The long-time use of cannabis products and plants originated in Central Asia and Western China. Marijuana is used by ancient people for its alleged healing properties that can also treat severe diseases in humans. In 2800 BC the Cannabis Flower and other strains were listed in Emperor Shen […]

BC Weedpen, a prominent player in the cannabis and psychedelics industry, has witnessed the recent resurgence in the use of psychedelics. This resurgence isn’t limited to recreational purposes; it also stems from the growing recognition of their potential therapeutic benefits. Of particular interest in this evolving landscape is the exploration of top-tier psychedelic mushrooms, commonly […]

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