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December 1st, 2017 Marijuana charges have been occurring increasingly in Montreal and elsewhere in Quebec, even though the rest of Canada has been seeing a steady decline in cannabis-related charges. For Canadians over the age of 12, 17,700 were charged with possession last year alone. This number is down from the 21,300 charged just two […]
After only two weeks of marijuana being legally available in Nevada, the state has declared a state of emergency: Their supply can’t meet demand and is running extremely low. Therefore, the issue lies within the lack of the state of distributors who are licensed to sell marijuana. Governor, Brian Sandoval, recently announced the state of […]
The Marijuana Market in Canada, keeps Growing! People have used marijuana for healing and medicinal purposes for hundreds of years. Even though modern medicine and science have made rapid progress in the last few decades, it seems that they still don’t have an answer to many questions that are bothering people today. For example, they […]
New to the wonderful world of pre-loaded dab pens? Here’s how they work. Dabbing is the biggest trend in cannabis culture right now, but what do you do if you can’t afford the lofty price of a dab rig? Or what if you like to take your weed on the go? (That’s pretty difficult to […]