Best CBD for Pets in Canada: 9 Facts All You Need to Know

CBD for Pets

1, Why Use CBD for Animals?

Pet CBD oil is a natural product made with simple, non-toxic ingredients that can make you feel good when fed to your beloved animal. Pet CBD oil is a natural way to help your furry friends enjoy the same lifestyle benefits you experience with CBD. 

CBD Pet Tincture - 30ml

CBD Pet Tincture – 30ml

$24.99 – $49.99

2, Is CBD safe for pets?

The effects of CBD from its ability to stimulate the endocannabinoid system involved in the regulation of various body functions. This organic system occurs in all mammals on Earth. So many animals also own it. This system is what we share with pets, and the differences are so small that the human and animal effects of CBD are very similar.

A common fear of pet safety when getting CBD is associated with the fact that many people do not understand the main difference between CBD and THC. It is very easy to confuse the two because they are from the same plant group and the structure is very similar. At first glance, CBD, like THC, can have psychoactive effects on pets. But it really isn’t. The main difference between CBD and THC is that CBD does not have any intoxicating attributes. THC gives us what we call “high.” That is, our body responds to the psychoactive properties of matter. If taken by a pet, these effects can cause danger or anxiety. We can’t stress enough: CBD lacks these psychoactive properties, and pet tinctures are lab tested to ensure that the final product contains less than 0.3% THC.

Similar to human consumption of CBD, all of these products are intended for reasonable use.

3, How much CBD oil do you give your pet?

There is no single number that indicates how much CBD you give your pet. Follow the same procedure as when consuming your own CBD oil. Individual products provide recommended doses and instructions for administering each juice, oil, gummy. These approximate servings are aimed at setting an average size that is suitable for those who start between using moderate to moderate CBD. Those who have been using CBD products for years and have time to build resistance to CBD products will probably need to determine their personal serving size.

Determining the size of your personal pieces with your pet is a bit difficult because your pet can’t easily tell you how your recommended size affects them. Even the physical representation of your pet can be subtle enough to go unnoticed, so it’s best to base your per capita size on the weight of your pet. The amount of CBD your pet should consume increases with his weight. Large and heavy animals require large amounts of CBD to feel more effective than small and light animals. In general, smaller pets should be given less than the recommended amount of CBD serving.

4, Where can I buy CBD oil for pets in Canada?

Buying CBD oil online for pets can be easy. The best way to do this is to go online and research a small store in your area that may be handling the goods. You can visit our  website that can help you find a CBD pet oil. 

As with the CBD oils you consume, it’s always a good idea to buy pet CBD oils from sources such as BCWEEDPEN that can guarantee quality. 

5, What is the difference between human CBD and pet CBD?

The main difference between your CBD and pet CBD is that the pet-focused product provides a better CBD concentration by size and weight. Cannabidiol intake varies by person and animal. An important factor in determining the correct CBD part size is weight. A heavier person needs more CBD to feel the same effect as a lighter person. Similarly, height can play a role in the effectiveness of CBD on humans and animals. Grandmothers and professional wrestlers consume a few servings of CBD and can make similar comparisons for animals. For these reasons, the levels of CBD provided to and obtained from pets are very different.

CBD intended for human consumption and CBD intended for animal consumption have much more in common than you think. The similarities start at the time of cultivation. CBD and pet CBD are extracted from hemp plants in the same way. Whether CBD is an isolate or a broad-spectrum extract, there is no difference in the level of CBD structure you and your pet consume. This leads to two second major similarities: the effects. Since the hemp extract contained in the product is grown in the same way and affects the same system of our body and our pets, the effects we feel are very similar to those of animals. The effect of drinking too much is similar.

6, Can my pets have my CBD or hurt them? 

The answer is a bit complicated. You can get CBD from pets as long as it does not contain additives specific to animals pets. Your pet may consume CBD, but you must be very careful not to give it the same concentration you would personally take. Determine the most accurate concentrations for their weight and height before trying to give them. If possible, try not to encounter this situation. Use pet-centric CBD products when treating animals.

7, What is the weight of a pet CBD?

There is no universal CBD serving size for animals and humans. The concentration and volume of CBD consumed by your pet is primarily determined by weight. Unlike humans, pets can’t clearly show how CBD affects their body, so it’s not possible to compare individual portion sizes in this way. Weight is a universal measurement tool for determining the amount of CBD an animal should have. The amount of CBD increases in proportion to the weight of the animal. That is, large and heavy animals require much more CBD than small and light animals. Height can also be used as an indicator of CBD intake and can be treated in a similar manner.

Generally, CBD products intended for pet consumption describe recommended serving sizes somewhere in the package. This recommendation can be used as a basis for determining the size of a personal part of an animal, taking into account the weight and height of the animal. Animals of moderate weight may reach the recommended serving size without adjustment. Smaller animals can be given a little less than recommended and larger animals can be given a little more. This is of course not a perfect process and tinkering around, but this is one of the most accurate ways to determine the size of an individual’s CBD offering.

8, Are there common side effects of CBD for pets?

If you’re considering buying a CBD product for pets and you’re not sure if your existing drug mixes well with hemp extract, it’s best to consult a veterinarian for further clarification.

9, Why choose BCWEEDPEN for your pet’s CBD oil?

There are thousands of CBD products on the market, and not all CBD oils are manufactured equal, so make sure you buy your product from a reputable brand. At BCWEEDPEN, we believe that, like you, your dog deserves the best and purest pet CBD oil. Our pet’s CBD oil is cleanly extracted with a supercritical CO2 extract and our products are made without toxic solvents or other harsh chemicals. Like all CBD products for humans, Pet CBD oil contains only the highest quality natural ingredients. 

CBD Pet Tincture - 30ml

CBD Pet Tincture – 30ml

$24.99 – $49.99

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