Beginner Weed Users: Checklist for Positive Experience

Beginner Weed Users

Feeling the psychoactive effects of weed for the first time can sometimes be an incredible experience that can really really change some people. For novice smokers, it is important to implement certain aspects in order to have a truly enjoyable and memorable moment. This checklist provides beginners with some important points to consider before inhaling marijuana for the first time. Cover many aspects, such as where to find weeds and where to smoke, to avoid problems for the first time.

Why Preparation Is So Important

Some people throw themselves into their joints and smoke sloppy weeds under the bridge with their friends, or inhale large amounts of THC without realizing they are feeling anxious or upset. Because of this information overload. In contrast to the more recent days when smokers had to hide to smoke secretly, many countries now legalize cannabis and buy high-quality cannabis from pharmacies that consumers can consume at home. I am trying to do it. Without fear of possible consequences.


Inexperienced smokers who live where marijuana is legal are most likely to be most memorable for the first time. They could go to the store and know exactly what they were spending money on, and now they could dive into the world of cannabis full of high quality flowers, including low to medium doses of THC.


Conversely, people who live in places where it is still illegal do not have access to so much luxury. Rather than going to pharmacies to get a very detailed menu of the potency and terpene content of each available strain, the ever-increasing ban will help these consumers settle on what they want. They can be poor quality moldy flowers or too lively buds. This checklist is especially important to enable these consumers to have an unforgettable and positive experience. 

Here’s what you need to know: 

Checklist For Inexperienced Smokers

Do Your Research


It is important to check some theoretical points in advance before looking for your source to get your buds. You don’t have to immerse yourself in botanical books or cultural guides. Read some articles about THC (an active compound found in cannabis) and how it affects the body. This helps to mentally prepare for sensations that you have never experienced before, which may surprise you at first. It is also worth learning how cannabis can have different effects at different doses.


THC works in a variety of ways to start your research in a favorable way. It acts as a stimulant that increases mood and heart rate, as well as an inhibitor that causes a state of relaxation and drowsiness. It also has hallucinogenic properties that cause a sense of separation from itself. In addition, different variants of cannabis are associated with producing different effects depending on the variety. Strong Indica strains are generally deep and induce heights to relax the body, while Sativa strains are known to be motivational and energizing. Most of the strains on the market today are hybrids of these two broad categories, allowing for a balanced combination of these effects.


Your Health at The Moment

Understanding the potential risks is an important part of preparing for your first experience. Cannabis is considered a relatively safe drug, especially when compared to substances such as alcohol. Very rarely (especially if the dose is well respected), cannabis can eventually cause adverse physiological effects in the form of cannabis hypersensitivity syndrome, which can cause nausea, abdominal pain and vomiting. There is sex.


Consumers with medical conditions should be aware that cannabis can cause short-term blood pressure spikes (hypertension) and exacerbation of lung disease such as asthma.


Cannabis can also cause acute symptoms of psychosis in high-risk groups. Therefore, anyone who may be suffering from a mental disorder due to hereditary inheritance or other factors in the family should be aware of this potential risk.


Aside from this, cannabis is one of the safest recreational drugs, and in terms of side effects, it usually only causes the overwhelming urge to fill the stomach and go to bed shortly thereafter.



Cannabis Consumption


The best way to consume for beginners is to smoke or vaporize dried flowers with low to medium THC content. These delivery methods give consumers some control over their effectiveness. Wait until you feel better after each inhalation and do not take a new one until you no longer feel the effect. Wait about 5-10 minutes between each inhalation to actually understand and feel how the brain and body are reacting. If you feel sick or feel sick, stop smoking.


A popular consumption method for more experienced smokers is to smoke / vaporize strong extracts or concentrates. This is called tapping. However, these products generally have very high THC, which almost certainly crushes the fan. If you have some degree of resistance to THC, it’s a good idea to look at these products.


Edible products are another very popular cannabis consumption method in which THC is orally administered in the form of food. These include cakes, cookies, jellies and pasta candies. Again, cannabis-injected edible foods are probably not the wisest choice for your first experience. Unlike smoking, which has an almost instant effect, THC needs to pass through the digestive tract to be absorbed, so foods take much longer to attack you. Other metabolic pathways produce a compound known as 11-hydroxy-THC. This is much longer and has a more intense height than a beginner can be overwhelmed by being too strong.


Reliable Source of Information


Now that you’ve cleared some gray areas, it’s time to start looking for your cannabis. The ease of this step depends largely on where you live in the world, as mentioned earlier. If you live in a state where cannabis is legal, or in a country that allows some consumption, such as the Netherlands or Spain, you can stop by a local pharmacy, coffee shop, or local cannabis club. These facilities offer a wide variety of varieties with very different flavors, potencies and effects. People working there will be able to guide you through your first steps in discovering the importance of medication for an enjoyable experience.


This process is complicated by those who live in countries where cannabis is still illegal, such as the United Kingdom and most of Europe. You often have to ask your friends and colleagues how many strangers you have. Strangers will meet at a slightly unusual time in a quiet place. Unfortunately, this often results in bad weeds that are grown under bad conditions and sold at prices that are too high for what it is.


In addition to all this bad luck, you probably don’t know how powerful your head is, which is a real problem for beginners looking for something sweet from the beginning. In this case, you really need to inhale it once at a time. Another potential problem is getting a very low quality product or something completely different that doesn’t work as intended. This is where the THC test comes in.



Test Your Cannabis


Zamnesia’s EZTest THC Kit makes it easy to test weed THC. Simply place a sample of flower, hash, or hash oil in the vial that came with the reagent. With THC, the color of the mixture changes to red. If you are uncertain about the authenticity of the cannabis you purchased, use this kit to determine if THC is present. This is mainly ha

Cannabis Dose


How much do you need for your first experience? The answer to this question is: Not much. In your first session, it’s time to set your ego aside and approach this experience with maximum humility. The strength of the bud is a factor that determines how strong the effect is to attack you. One gram of medium-strength weeds is enough to give you real height, and many people need less for fun. Start with a small amount in a bong or vaporizer, wait, see how everything feels, and adjust accordingly. 



Organize For The First Time


The settings are the physical environment in which you are, and the sets are related to your state of mind. The ideal environment for the first time is to be in a comfortable room in the middle of nature on a beautiful sunny day, or at home, with a few good friends you can trust. When it comes to sets, meditating and opening your mind to cleanse your mind creates a positive mind frame and prepares you for the first experience. By following these tips, you will have a great time.



Checklist Basics

This checklist is really all about preparation. Don’t be afraid of cannabis. With proper preparation, this substance can be even safer than before, especially if it takes into account its compatibility with current health conditions. Cannabis may be surprising the first few times, and some users say they don’t feel it. But in the end, something adapts to this situation and “kicks in”. This is where the flow, creativity, and euphoria that incredible cannabis can bring.

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