BC Weed Pen: What the Hash??

British Colombia, often referred as the “Cannabis Capital of Canada”, has long been renowned for its vibrant cannabis culture and thriving industry. While dried cannabis flowers have been traditionally dominated the market, there has been a noticeable resurgence in the popularity of hashish in recent years. We will take a short dive into the rich history of hashish in British Colombia and explore its evolving role in the provinces cannabis landscape 

Section 1: Brief History About Hash In BC

Hashish has deep roots in British Columbia, dating back in the 1960s and 70’s when hippie counterculture flourished. influenced by global travel and cultural exchange, cannabis enthusiasts began experimenting with hashish production techniques imported from countries such as Afghanistan, Morocco, and Nepal. These early pioneers laid the groundwork for what would become a thriving hashish scene in British Colombia. Throughout the 20th century, hashish remained a niche product in BC, overshadowed by the widespread popularity of dried cannabis flowers. With a huge range of strains grown across allover BC no wonder hash was put on the back the shelves. However in recent years there has been a renewed interest in hashish amount consumers, cultivators and entrepreneurs alike. 

In the ever-evolving landscape of cannabis culture, British Columbia (BC) stands out as a pioneer, renowned for its premium strains and progressive approach to the herb. Today, we delve into the intersection of BC’s cannabis scene and traditional herbalism, exploring the captivating world of BC Weed Pens infused with a symphony of herbal blends. This harmonious fusion not only amplifies the cannabis experience but also pays homage to the rich tapestry of traditional herbs that have been cherished for centuries.

Several factors have contributed to the resurgence of hashish in British Colombia. Firstly, advancements in extraction technology have made it easier and more efficient to produce high quality hash. Methods such as ice water extraction , dry sifting and mechanical separation have revolutionized the hash making process, resulting in products with enhanced potency and purity.

Furthermore, British Colombia’s dynamic cannabis industry has fostered a culture of innovation and experimentation, leading to the development of new and exciting hashish products. From terpene-infused hash to collaboration between cultivators and extractors. The province’s hashish scene continues to push the boundaries of what is possible with cannabis concentrates. 

Section 2: The Benefits Of Smoking Hash

Hashish, often simply called hash, has been a revered substance for centuries, cherished for both its recreational and medical properties. Derived from the resin of the cannabis plant, hash offers a unique experience compared to smoking dried cannabis flowers. In this article, we delve into the benefits of smoking hash and explore the various methods through which it can be enjoyed.

  • Potency: Hash is renowned for its high concentration of cannabinoids, particularly THC, which is responsible for its psychoactive effects. The potency can lead to a more intense and longer-lasting high compared to smoking dried cannabis flowers.
  • Enhanced flavour profile: Smoking hash provides a distinct and robust flavour role characterized by earthy, spicy fruity notes and much much more.Connoisseurs appreciate the depth of flavour that hash offers, which can vary depending on factors such as strain, production method, and terpene profile.
  • Efficient Consumption And Discreet: Due to its concentrated form, a smaller quantity of hash is needed to achieve the desired effects compared to smoking an equivalent amount of cannabis flowers. Is easier to carry and a little more discreet compared to carrying dried flower, the smell can be easier to contain with most hash.
  • Medical Benefits: Like cannabis flowers, hash contains various cannabinoids and terpenes that may offer therapeutic benefits. These may include pain relief, relaxation, appetite stimulation, and relief from nausea. Some medical cannabis patients prefer hash for its potency and fast acting effects.

Section 3: Methods Of Smoking Hash

  • Pipe Or Bong: One of the most common methods of smoking hash is using a pipe or bong. Simply crumble or break off a small piece of hash and place it in the bowl of the pipe or bong. Apply head using a lighter or a hemp wick while inhaling slowly to ignite the hash and produce smoke 
  • Rolling With Cannabis: Another very popular method is to mix hash with dried cannabis flowers and roll them into a joint or blunt. This allows for the combined effects of both substances and can hence the flavour and potency of the smoking experience. 
  • Hot Knives: A classic old school “something your parents probably did” method. Just as it sounds head up a two knives with a torch, lighter or anything to get it hot and sandwich the hash between the hot blade and inhale.
  • Vaporizing: vaporizing hash has a more modern and efficient method that involves using a special vaporizer designed for concentrates to smoke. These devices usually heat at a lower temperature allowing for the cannabinoids and terpenes to be  vaporized without combustion, resulting in a smoother and potentially healthier inhalation experience. Usually a more flavourful smoke as well. 
  • Dabbing: Dabbing involves using a dab rig with a blow torch and  applying a small amount of hash into the bowl after heating up. The hash vaporizes upon contact, producing a potent and flavourful vapour that is inhaled via the rig. This method is a lot hotter on the lungs. 

Section 4: Cooking With Hash

Most people over look this method of consuming hash. It defiantly request a little more time to prepare and enjoy but is defiantly worth a try. From browning butter with a block of hash to mixing into your pot of sauce. You use the same method when infusing your butter/oil for baking but with the appropriate amount of hash. Be carful when baking or cooking with hash because it is a much concentrated form of cannabis compared to using flower, buds or shake. One of our personal favourite ways to cook with hash is to add a small block of it into a tomato sauce for making pasta. It gives the pasta sauce a smoky flavour and gets you real high. We cannot stress enough to be carful with the amount you put in since it’s concentrated. 

Section 5: Origins Of Hashish

Hash, the origins of hashish can be traced back to the ancient civilizations in Central and South Asia, where the cannabis plant is believed to have originated. The alienist evidence of cannabis and its psychoactive  properties dates back to around 450 BCE, with referenced found in sacred texts, such as Vedas of ancient India. 

It is thought that early civilizations in regions such as present day India, Afghanistan and Nepal were among the first to discover the psychoactive properties of cannabis. These ancient cultures likely observed the sticky resinous substance produced b the cannabis plant and experimented with different methods of extraction and consumption. Thousands of years later we are still doing the same with cannabis! 

One of the earliest methods of hashish production involved rubbing fresh cannabis flowers and leaves between the hands or against a sleeve to collect the resin. Process known as hand rubbing. or and pressing. The collected resin would be shaped into balls or cakes and allowed to dry, resulting in a potent and aromatic hashish product.

Throughout history hashish has played cultural and religious significance practices of various civilizations. Innocent India cannabis and its derivatives, including hashish were revered as sacred substances associated with the god Shiva and used in religious ceremonies and rituals. Similarly, in Sufi Islam, hashish was believed to facilitate spiritual enlightenment and mystical experiences, leading to its widespread use among Sufi mystics ad poets in the medieval Islamic world 

Section 6: Responsible Consumption

In the previous post we touched base on this and we cannot stress this enough.

While the exploration new and innovative hash responsible consumption remains paramount. Enthusiasts should be mindful of how potent cannabis extracts are and to respect their unique properties. It’s crucial to approach all extracts with a sense of curiosity and respect for both the cannabis plant and traditional herbs. Considerations such as dosage, individual tolerance, and the desired effects should guide the smoking/cooking process. As with any new frontier, moderation and self-awareness are key to ensuring a positive and enjoyable experience.

Section 7: Bridging the Gap – Traditional Herbalism and Cannabis

In recent years, a fascinating trend has emerged within the cannabis community – the infusion of traditional herbs with cannabis and hash. This marriage of ancient wisdom and modern innovation has given rise to a new realm of possibilities. Drawing inspiration from the diverse world of herbalism, enthusiasts are exploring ways to enhance their cannabis experience by blending it with herbs that have been revered for their therapeutic and aromatic properties.

The synergy between cannabis and traditional herbs creates a nuanced and holistic experience. Whether it’s the calming effects of lavender, the uplifting notes of peppermint, or the grounding presence of sage, each herb brings its unique contribution to the symphony of sensations that cannabis enthusiasts seek. This trend isn’t just about mixing flavours; it’s about elevating the overall experience and exploring the potential synergies between cannabis and time-honoured botanicals. (This snippet is from our previous post but applies to hash as well!)


In the heart of British Columbia, where cannabis culture thrives, extracts like hash are thriving like ever. Having so many different varieties and strains, from imports to locally made, it is hard to say which one is better than the other! As much as imported hash sounds appealing we have a tons of options right at our doorstep in British Colombia, the cannabis capital of Canada. We urge you to pick up a block or more and explore the wonderful sensations hash has to offer.

If you’re looking for hash check it out on our page!


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